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. CONTENTS Lockheed Martin’s Mars Base Camp concept calls for a deep space habitat for cislunar space that would feed forward into the development of a crewed Mars orbiter by 2028. > FEATURES Ukraine seeks new orbits for its space industry 10 DEPARTMENTS MY TAKE 2 How Crimea hurt Ukraine’s space program 14 Riding along with OSIRIS-REx 16 Ukraine lost more than a ground station when Russia annexed Crimea SpaceNews accompanies asteroid-hunter on first leg of its epic journey An interview with Ukraine’s space boss QUICK TAKES 4 FOUST FORWARD 8 COMMENTARY 28 BOTTOM LINE 32 Stuck on the Shore of the Cosmic Ocean MILSPACE BRIEFING 20 A Day Without Space More Satellite Spectrum Struggles Competition’s Unclear Cadence Cloud Constellation’s lofty ambitions for a server farm far above the clouds 22 Startup aims to put customer data beyond the reach of hackers Satellite’s Spectrum Disorder Follow Us @SpaceNews_Inc JUNE 6, 2016 SPACENEWS | 1 LOCKHEED MARTIN ARTIST’S CONCEPT A New Orbit-first Consensus How Mars helps makes the case for exploring cislunar space 24

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