Consulting Specifying Engineer June 2015-CSE : Page 73

ADVER TISEMENT You’ll Call it Remarkable, We Call it EZ-FIT The VariCool ® EZ-FIT is a Variable Air Volume (VAV) system specifi cally designed for cost effective replacement of existing fl oor-by-fl oor VAV or constant volume units. These self-contained fl oor-mounted systems are modular in design and consist of three or four sections. Single module sizes range in capacity from 12 – 45 tons. Modules can be “ganged” for up to 90 tons of total cooling capacity with either an air-or water-cooled confi guration. The EZ-Fit design is especially important in multi-fl oor structures where space and accessibility are limited. It’s an All-Indoor Solution specifi cally for installation in renovation and retrofi t applications. When compared to traditional air conditioners, United CoolAir has the Lowest Installed Cost! Each of the VariCool ® EZ-FIT sections is capable of fi tting through a standard 3-0 doorway. The units easily negotiate corners, narrow hallways and can be placed into service elevators. The result is no building modifi cation, fast access to the mechanical room and no unnecessary handling, rigging, or permits. Modules can be installed over a weekend or during plant shutdown, minimizing a disruption in services or work fl ow. United CoolAir custom manufactures all its equipment to the customer’s unique requirements. Utility and duct connection match the original locations eliminating costly modifi cations. UCA works closely with the installer to deliver systems that coincides with the retrofi t schedule. Preplanning eliminates space issues at the jobsite, and system components go from truck to installation site saving valuable time and manpower. UCA’s Marvel Plus microprocessor controller is compatible with all major Building Management Systems (BMS). To ensure fast, fl awless installation, modules are factory assembled, evacuated, charged and tested before shipment, and then disassembled into three or 4 sections before shipment. Sections assemble easily and include re-sealable refrigerant fi ttings that maintain the factory charge. The All Indoor installation feature has other benefi ts as well! The architectural integrity of the structure is preserved because all components are inside the building. No fi eld testing is necessary since the entire system is factory tested before shipment. The VariCool ® EZ-FIT is protected from the weather and vandalism extending its usable life, and outdoor servicing of the unit is eliminated, lowering the cost of routine maintenance. | | 717-843-4311 input #51 at

United Cool Air

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