Consulting Specifying Engineer June 2015-CSE : Page 74

ADVER TISEMENT Packaged Rooftops with Multiple Energy Recovery Options Valent Air Management Systems, ® founded in 2006, is emerging as a new leader in the manufacture of high-percentage outdoor air packaged rooftop units. Valent has experienced dramatic growth due to customer satisfaction with high-quality products, smooth start-up, and ongoing reliability. Vertical markets served include education, hospitality, laboratories, process, and commercial ventilation. Valent equipment is designed to be integrated into a number of systems and applications including the following: Dedicated Outdoor Air (DOAS) -Valent’s products combine energy recovery with integral cooling and heating to provide total control over ventilation loads in dedicated outdoor air systems. Variable Air Volume -With a standard microprocessor controller capable of modulating the supply fan, dampers, and exhaust fan based on different inputs, Valent equipment is well-suited towards variable air volume systems. Make-Up Air -Capable of heating, cooling, and dehumidifying 100% outdoor air with tight control over supply air temperatures, Valent equipment is designed with make-up air applications in mind. Comfort Cooling -Although Valent equipment is designed with features for handling high levels of outdoor air, our equipment can be applied for comfort cooling with minimal outdoor air. Energy Recovery Options -Valent offers several types of air-to-air energy recovery in its packaged DX rooftop products to best meet the needs of your application. Providing large reductions in heating, cooling, and dehumidification loads, the enthalpy-wheel based VPRE is Valent’s most common energy recovery packaged rooftop. In situations where both sensible and latent heat recovery are desired but with fewer maintenance requirements, Valent offers an enthalpic core heat exchanger in the VPRC. Lastly, in arid climates where latent energy recovery has little payback, Valent’s VPRP with a sensible-only, flat-plate heat exchanger is available. A business of Unison ® Comfort Technologies, Valent is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota and also manufactures in California. Distribution is through a network of carefully-selected representatives, backed by expert factory support and training. For more information on how Valent’s packaged rooftop products can help meet your customer’s needs, please contact your local representative. Phone: 612-877-4850 | Email: | input #52 at

Valent Air Management Systems

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