Consulting Specifying Engineer June 2015-CSE : Page 72

ADVER TISEMENT Wireless Technology is a Reliable, Flexible Solution for Building Controls increases options and fl exibility as technology and building needs evolve. Reliability is another key benefi t of Air-Fi wireless. Past wireless technologies used in building automation were not specifi cally developed for these more-demanding applications, often coming with less than optimal results, including high maintenance, questionable reliability and diffi cult integration. By taking advantage of ZigBee wireless standards and other technology advancements, Air-Fi offers better outcomes, including extended signal range, lifetime batteries in typical applications, and improved reliability through a self-repairing mesh network. Air-Fi offers a typical 200-foot indoor signal range, with up to four times the number of potential paths, extending up to a half-mile when unobstructed. This technology spreads a strong signal throughout a building for exceptional reliability and performance. ZigBee also leverages IEEE 802.15.4 wireless standards, which allows Air-Fi to reliably operate and coexist with other wireless systems and networks in a building — without interference. Building controls projects are greatly simplifi ed by reducing the engineering, estimating and project management tasks associated with wired communication systems. Advancements in wireless technology make it a secure, reliable and fl exible option for building automation systems. For more information go to input #50 at Wireless communication technology offers numerous benefi ts for applications in building automation systems, including on-time, on-budget project completion, easier problem solving and life-cycle savings. Trane ® , a brand of Ingersoll Rand, offers Air-Fi ™ a wireless solution that can provide these benefi ts, while also offering reliable, secure performance and greater signal strength compared to other wireless systems. Wireless solutions can be used in building automation systems for many applications, including sensing, equipment, system communications, remote access and service tools. Choosing wireless technology eliminates the hassles associated with wired components for building controls systems and offers greater fl exibility for the future. When considering a wireless solution, it is recommended to specify one that uses open standards. Air-Fi wireless is ZigBee ® Certifi ed Building Automation and built on a platform that supports BACnet ® open standards, a leading protocol. This allows for the easy integration of devices in the future, when there is need to expand or change the spaces in a building. This


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