Consulting Specifying Engineer June 2015-CSE : Page 68

ADVER TISEMENT Schebler’s Sequence Draft Control™ Design Service Provides Complete Engineered Venting System Schebler’s Sequence Draft Control ™ (SDC) design service offers boiler and hot water heater manufacturers a complete engineered venting system. SDC prevents excess draft and overcomes several performance factors which impact system efficiency. This is accomplished by individually monitoring and controlling outlet pressure at each appliance independent of the other appliances tied into the common breeching. Sequence Draft Control utilizes a Schebler eVent™ Series damper at the outlet of each appliance. The modulating damper with pressure transducer maintains the factory recommended firebox positive pressure or negative draft condition at all times. This helps control the combustion and excessive CO 2 % — critical to achieve published efficiency ratings of condensing boiler and water heaters. The damper also accounts for appliance firing rate – anywhere between high fire and low fire – stack temperature, outside air temperature and other operational anomalies such as summer/winter temperature differences and appliance proximity to the common stack. chimneys, vents and grease ducts for a wide variety of industries. Additionally, reducing excessive draft conditions improves system start up, allowing easy ignition and eliminates flame failure conditions which are typical in common vented systems. Sequence Draft Control has been successfully utilized in hybrid venting systems comprised of both condensing and non-condensing boilers. Schebler Chimney Systems designs and manufactures prefabricated Schebler Chimney Systems provides complete, single-source design/build of Sequence Draft Control systems, providing a performance guarantee unmatched in the industry. The systems are customizable to fit specific building and appliance requirements using off-the-shelf components. Schebler supplies all system components from appliance outlet through the roof including venting products, draft induction fans, control dampers, pressure sensors and master controls. 563-459-6823 | | input #46 at


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