Consulting Specifying Engineer June 2015-CSE : Page 66

ADVER TISEMENT Using Outside Air For The Next Generation Pool Dehumidifiers The push for greater energy efficiency in buildings has only increased in recent years. One of the greatest expenses for commercial buildings is the cost to operate the HVAC/R system. Control of temperature and humidity in commercial office space is minor compared to that of indoor pools. Smart dehumidifier manufacturers are turning to outside air (OA) as an alternative to more expen-sive direct expansion or mechanical systems. PoolPak’s new MPK Series effectively controls the high humidity through mechanical and outside air dehumidification. It’s the first of its kind to max-imize the use of outside air for dehumidification, cooling and heating. The MPK modulates outside air as required to meet precise indoor conditions. It provides the ultimate room condition control by delivering the precise amount of ventilation air to effectively limit operational cost. PoolPak design engineers developed the Instant Command Control System (ICC) for real-time management of your MPK dehumidification system. It monitors and tracks more than 500 vital parameters.It displays critical refrigeration circuit conditions including suction pressure and temperature, superheat, subcooling, discharge pressure and liquid line temperature. The ICC also includes the Virtual-Tech ™ Plus web-based remote interface. It allows immediate access to the MPK’s ICC controller for system monitoring and control. The Virtual-Tech ™ Plus is wireless, eliminating the concern for firewall coordination. The Virtual-Tech ™ Plus includes a Data Logger that can monitor up to 20 variables in one-minute increments at any one time for each 24 hour day period and archive the information in one-year segments. It collects and seamlessly delivers more critical information via the web allowing owners, technicians and the factory to monitor your PoolPak ™ system. The MPK Series includes a modulating Independent refrigeration system that delivers precise dehumidification over a wide range of natatorium conditions at the lowest operating cost. The VFD Direct Drive fan array precisely meters air flow through the unit, and PoolPak uses Electro-Guard ™ coated coils to withstand the corrosive pool environment. Two-inch closed cell foam insulation protects the unit in high dew point applications like pools, and you are protected with a 10 year long-life warranty! TM | | 800-959-7725 input #44 at


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