Consulting Specifying Engineer June 2015-CSE : Page 65

ADVER TISEMENT Navien Has Proven Innovation Trajectory “American home owners prefer high-efficiency water heaters, but because these preferred products don’t always work with legacy piping, many people just stick with tank-type heaters in order to avoid the high costs of installing new gas pipes and vents, even though energy efficiency remains low,” said Moffroid. “The NPE series, with ½” gas piping and 2” PVC venting capability, is a game changer because it makes it far more economical than ever before for end users to replace their low-efficiency water heaters with something much better. We hope this will raise energy efficiency across the entire hot water heater sector and contribute to energy savings at a national level,” stated Moffroid. KD Navien has the largest single boiler manufacturing facility in the world Navien, Inc., of Irvine, California, continues to receive accolades for innovative and industry-leading products by many associations and institutes, with the latest 2015 recognitions for the NPE-S Tankless Water Heater by the AHR Expo Innovation Award in the plumbing sector and for their newest introduction, the NHB Boiler, that was chosen as a “Hot 50” product by Green Builder Media. In addition to the newly announced 2015 Innovation Award for the NPE-S (Standard) tankless water heaters, with the highest efficiency available, of 0.99EF, Navien won the same award in 2013 for the, NPE-A (Advanced) tankless water heaters with its exclusive ComfortFlow ® recirculation that includes pump and buffer tank, and has an efficiency of 0.97EF, well exceeding the new DOE 2015 regulations. 2014 was the year of Innovation Awards for Navien’s NCB Combi-boiler with recognition from CIPH and CIPEX in Canada and the Comfortech Innovation Award in the US. Eric Moffroid, Navien’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, explained that “Navien remains committed to developing high-quality, high-efficiency, and high-functioning products and the best support in the industry. It is Navien’s advanced technology and recognized high product quality and customer service that has made the company’s growth possible.” Eric Moffroid Vice President of Sales & Marketing Recognized as an innovation leader Navien award-winning products In the commercial market throughout North America, Navien receives credit for its environmentally friendly highly efficient solutions. Navien products are installed in well recognized restaurants, hotels, schools and universities, medical facilities, industrial plants, country clubs and multi-family residences, among others. 800-519-8794, 949-420-0420 | | input #43 at


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