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Selecting a boiler for heating, process loads Boilers for heating and domestic hot water systems are used in many nonresidential buildings and across educational, hospital, and industrial campuses. This article reviews the codes and standards that regulate boiler system specification and design, plus energy efficiency and efficacy of these boiler systems. BY BRADLEY A. PANKOW, PE, Stanley Consultants, Muscatine, Iowa Learning objectives Ⅲ Learn about the different types of boilers available, system design, and available system options. Ⅲ Understand the codes, standards, and permitting considerations that boiler systems installation and design need to consider. P ackaged boilers for heating and domestic hot water systems are used in many nonresidential buildings and across many uni-versity, hospital, and industrial campuses. Packaged boilers normally fall into the category of factory assem-bled boilers, which are then shipped via, truck, rail, or barge to the end user’s site. In recent years some boiler manufactur-ers have begun selling packaged boilers as modules that are assembled in the field—which are still considered pack-aged boilers. When designing a boiler system many options are available, but not all options are appropriate for every system. In some cases a modular boiler with high-and low-fire (two-stage burner) may be an acceptable solution where in another case a fully modulating boiler with 10:1 turndown ratio may be more appropriate. Cost; operator capabilities; available space; international, national, state, and local codes as adopted; and steam or hot water requirements will set the system parameters used in selecting each boiler system. In boiler systems, steam, high-temper-ature hot water, and hot water are used for comfort heating, humidification, and pro-cess heating media across a wide range of building environments. Boilers can be installed in individual buildings or, as in the case of many campus environments, as part of a central plant boiler system Figure 1: A fire tube boiler cutaway shows the burner throat, fire tubes, and boiler tube sheet. Courtesy: Stanley Consultants 68 Consulting-Specifying Engineer • APRIL 2015

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