Consulting Specifying Engineer April 2015-CSE : Page 41

2015 Emergency, on-site, standby power Eaton’s Modular Integrated Transportable Substation (MITS) is an electrical power assembly solution designed to expedite and reduce the cost of substation deployment. The MITS incorporates a fl exible, expandable, and portable design in a compact footprint that can ac-commodate future power needs for utility, industrial, and commercial applications. The highly compact MITS units are engineered on skids to fi t on a traditional concrete transformer pad, compacted soil for temporary installation, or trailer to simplify transportation manage-ment and meet evolving power requirements. With the ability to transport an entire substation, utili-ties can quickly expand distribution systems to reduce downtime result-ing from storm damage. Eaton Electrical power assembly solution Generator sets for mission critical, standby power applications The QSK95 Series generator sets by Cummins Power Generation are engineered to deliver more power with strong fuel and footprint econo-mies while achieving enhanced reliability and are rated up to 3.5 MW. The QSK95 series is ideal for prime power, mission critical, and standby power applications. They are also designed to provide 100% one-step load acceptance in less than 10 seconds. They also offer a data center continuous rating, which places no limitation on the number of operating hours. The series can be used in the most demanding applications and extreme environments to supply continuous power for extended-run scenarios. Cummins Power Generation Falcon’s 10 kVA FN Series is a double-conversion, online, and scalable UPS designed to protect applications that require scal-ability and/or N+1 redundancy for continuous operations. The 10 kVA rack mount model gives consulting engineer customers the ability to quickly scale-up power protection as their requirements increase. Connected in parallel, the FN provides up to 30 kVA with N+1 redundancy. The FN also features an Eco Green Mode setting that automatically in-creases the ac/ac effi ciency up to 97% when connected equipment is turned off. The FN Series also uses Digital Signal Processing micro-processor technology for internal UPS protection. Falcon Electric Double-conversion, scalable UPS Power distribution unit for IT, data centers Eaton’s ePDU G3 is a power distribution unit (PDU) designed to streamline the power distribution needs of infor-mation technology (IT) and data center managers. The ePDU G3 has the ability to measure energy consumption and control power at the outlet level for advanced power management. Managed and Metered Input models are designed to offer revenue-grade power monitoring capabilities as well as a hot-swap network meter module so users can replace the module without shutting down servers. All models feature an IEC outlet grip designed to eliminate the common, and often costly, problem of plugs falling out of outlets due to bumps or vibrations. Eaton, Consulting-Specifying Engineer • APRIL 2015 41


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