Consulting Specifying Engineer April 2015-CSE : Page 38

Electrical distribution Motor control center with arc resistance Eaton’s Freedom Arc Resistant Motor Control Center (MCC) is designed to provide personnel with increased protection from the dangers of arc fl ash hazards. The Freedom Arc Resistant MCC has a Type 2 accessibility rating, meaning that arc-resistant designs or features are present on the front, back, and sides of the assembly. This Type 2 rating translates to enhanced safety around the entire perimeter of the MCC should an arc fl ash event occur. Further, Eaton’s Arc Resistant Freedom MCC requires no exhaust plenums or roof fl aps. This aids in the ease of installation, as additional clearance or vent-ing ductwork is not required above the assembly. Eaton 2015 Cable tray for commercial, industrial applications Medium-voltage drive with synchronous transfer Eaton’s B-Line Series KwikSplice Cable Tray uses a side rail design and includes a full line of straights, fi t-tings, and innovative accessories that enable labor and materials savings in the commercial and light industrial construction markets. It is designed for commercial and light industrial settings, including health care facilities, schools, government buildings, and data centers. The KwikSplice Cable Tray system’s splice retention groove enables the use of a two-bolt splice plate. The full system solution also includes the innovative tab-and-lock design trapeze support, side rail drop out, conduit to tray adapters, and universal fi ttings. Eaton Eaton SC9000 EP medium-voltage drives are designed to achieve energy savings in global industrial applications while reducing downtime during routine maintenance through an encapsulated power pole and modular in-verter design. The power pole inverter with heat pipe tech-nology provides a high power density in a compact footprint, while enabling the SC9000 EP drive to withstand harsh environmental conditions. By incorporating a three-level neutral point clamped inverter topology, the drive reduces the number of power switching devices in the inverter, improving reliability by reducing overall components needed. It also enables synchronous transfer, which allows a single drive to control power to multiple motors. Eaton, Fuse block with power distribution capability Eaton’s Bussmann Series Class J fuse block with power distribution capabil-ity is available in 1-, 2-, and 3-pole versions. Individual pole versions have a dovetail feature that allows point-of-use assembly depending on the number of poles. With a smaller footprint and a 200 kA withstand rating, the product helps panel builders achieve a higher assembly short-circuit current rating for NEC compliance. The technology is designed to help both OEMs and end users save valuable panel space and reduce overall installation cost. Optional see-through covers enhance safety with IP20 fi nger-safe protection, lockout/tagout capability, and open circuit indication. Eaton 38 Consulting-Specifying Engineer • APRIL 2015


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