Consulting Specifying Engineer April 2015-CSE : Page 46

HVAC Geothermal, water-source heat pumps High-efficiency vertical units 2015 AAON M2 Series geothermal and water-source heat pumps are available from 3 to 70 tons for new and replace-ment applications with modular construction and premier factory-installed features. M2 Series geothermal heat pumps include standard energy-saving, double-wall rigid polyurethane foam-injected panel construction, high-effi ciency backward curved plenum supply fans, and corrosion-resistant double-sloped stainless steel drain pans. Selectable features include 10% to 100% variable capacity scroll compressors, modulating hot gas reheat humidity control, high effi ciency fi ltration, energy-saving variable frequency drive-controlled variable speed fans, fi xed plate heat exchanger energy recovery, and modulating gas, electric, steam, or hot water dual-fuel heating. AAON, V-Series high-effi ciency single-packaged verti-cal units feature thermal effi ciencies of up to 95% and cooling up to 11 EER. Available in gas/electric and electric/electric con-fi gurations, the V-Series’ all-in-one design elimi-nates the need to specify additional parts, saving time and cost. The units offer “plug-and-play” installation and service, with pre-wired and pre-charged components. For added durability, stainless steel construction is standard on high-effi ciency models. Gas/electric units offer an input heat capacity of 22,000 to 55,000 Btuh and a 12,000 to 30,000 Btuh net cooling capacity. Electric/ electric units offer a 12,000 to 30,000 Btuh net cool-ing range. Allied Air Enterprises, Magic-Pak Two-stage operation water-source heat pump The Tranquility 30 Digital Series water source heat pump with high-effi ciency two-stage operation delivers ef-fi ciency, comfort, reliability, and serviceability—intelligently driven by the iGate, a two-way communicating control, two-stage compressor, variable speed fan, and vFlow internal variable water fl ow components. The Tranquility 30 also delivers reliable operation, lower oper-ating cost, and compact installation. The heat pump features an extended range refrigerant circuit, capable of ground and water loop applications. Additional standard features include the Copeland UltraTech two-stage scroll compressor, electronically commutated motor variable fan motor, digital communicating controls, powder-coated galvanized steel cabinet, stainless steel drain pan, and foil-backed air handler insulation. ClimateMaster Inc., Direct expansion CRAC unit gForce Ultra is a direct expansion computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unit that incorporates variable capacity technology for energy savings, precise cooling, and increased capacity. The units achieve increased system effi ciency by running com-pressors at exact duty point, limiting power usage and eliminating in-rush and greater turndown to save energy. gForce Ultra units also are equipped with variable frequen-cy drives to precisely match temperature setpoints, electronic expansion valves to regulate refrigerant fl ow to coils, rifl e tubing coils for maximum thermal performance, Venturi-Flo refrigerant distributors, and backward curved plenum fans with electroni-cally communicated motors. Data Aire, 46 42 Consulting-Specifying Engineer • APRIL 2015


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