Consulting Specifying Engineer April 2015-CSE : Page 42

Emergency, on-site, standby power Industrial diesel generator 2015 Generac’s 1,500 kW diesel generator can be used as either a stand-alone SD series generator or as an MD series generator, which can create outputs of up to 100 MW of power. Engineers and contractors have the option to choose from a series of Generac alternators with optional temperature rises for improved motor starting in stringent application needs. Ambient cooling systems offer an enhanced option to meet various ambient temperature application requirements, while optional critical and hospital-grade exhaust silencers enhance sound attenuation. The product is listed to UL 2200 from the factory, is NFPA 110 compliant, and offers UL 142-listed fuel tanks for 12-and 24-hour run times. Generac, Kohler’s Gaseous-Fueled Mobile Generators allow the user to switch between optional on-board liquefi ed petroleum (LP) fuel tanks and external LP liquid, LP gas, or natural gas fuel sources. The line includes four gensets ranging from 30 to 125 kVA that can reduce fuel costs by 15% to 20% compared to diesel. The on-board LP tank is built for a 24-hour run time while connection to an external LP or natural gas supply offers extended usage. These mobile gensets also can be customized with optional add-ons like cam-locks and a voltage selector switch. Kohler Power Systems, Mobile generator line Diesel generator set MTU Onsite Energy’s 18 V 2000 diesel generator set fea-tures low fuel consumption, long service intervals, and low emissions, and is designed to provide reliable solutions for any power generation need. The 18 V 2000 generator allows users with requirements at the 1,250 kWe node to purchase a generator set at a smaller size and at a lower cost than past models. The result of years of development, the highly engineered diesel generator set uses a high-pressure com-mon rail fuel injection system and optimized air fi lter and outlet placements. The generator set’s engine control unit (ECU9) also has increased RAM and processor capacity. MTU Onsite Energy The Staco Energy Products First Line PL 924 exceeds UL 924 and UL 924 OUST requirements and incorporates insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) technology to provide uninterruptable power to emergency lighting loads like HID, LED, fl uorescent, and incandescent light-ing. The First Line PL 924 allows the user to maintain one central power source to make it easier to maintain and monitor a facility. The First Line PL 924 may be equipped and confi gured with remote monitoring via dry contracts and/ or a serial data link to allow easy integration into standard SCADA systems. Staco Energy Products Co. Central power source for emergency lighting 42 Consulting-Specifying Engineer • APRIL 2015


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