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2015 Electrical distribution High-pressure switches for fault current systems GE’s HPC switches are fusible interrupters designed for high available fault current systems and are suitable for use as main service, feeder, branch circuit, or motor circuit disconnects as well as switchboards. The HPC switch offers advanced technologies that signifi cantly improve arc fl ash hazard mitigation. It also features adjustable selec-tive instantaneous protection with waveform recognition and reduced-energy-let-through instantaneous protection. The HPC switch provides fully remote operations that enable operators to safely de-energize the switch well outside of arc fl ash zones. GE, Oil-resistant cable with colored conductors HELUKABEL’s TRAYCONTROL 550 TPE is a fl exible, oil-resistant control cable with blue-or red-colored conductors that is approved for open, unprotected installation in cable trays from power sources/control units to the machine. The TRAYCON-TROL 550 TPE was developed to help offset the need for PUR cables in tray applications. The specially blended TPE has been designed to perform as well as standard PUR cables with the added benefi t of being able to transition from cable trays to free air, an installation method not permitted for PUR cables. The special combination of TC-ER, PLTC-ER, and ITC-ER allows this cable to be used as a connecting cable for ac, dc, or control wiring. HELUKABEL, Cable gland with spring/snap system HELUKABEL’s HELUTOP Easy cable gland can be inserted because of the spring/snap system. No installation tools are required for insertion, and no threaded holes or locknuts are required. The cable is fi xed with a clockwise thread on the cap side, and the hexagon of the body and cap are the same. Disassembly, however, requires the use of a special tool that will not cause damage to the cable gland. The HELUTOP Easy is currently available in plastic and comes in sizes Ø16 and Ø20 (corre-sponding to M16 and M20). HELUKABEL, Ceiling boxes for electronic equipment Legrand’s Evolution Series Ceiling Boxes fi t above a false or perma-nent ceiling to provide storage for electronic audio/video (A/V) and IT equipment, and to support a projector, if required. These boxes are designed for conference rooms, classrooms, training facilities, or anywhere a projector and/or A/V equipment is needed and where large racks or furniture storage are not practical. The six versions of the Evo-lution Series Ceiling Box include three units with a projector mount, and several options for electrical circuitry. The shelves inside the ceiling box are designed to easily pivot forward and backward, providing access to both the front and back of installed devices. Legrand, Consulting-Specifying Engineer • APRIL 2015 39

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