Consulting Specifying Engineer April 2015-CSE : Page 37

2015 Electrical distribution Circuit monitoring system ABB’s new circuit monitoring system sensor portfolio has been extended with sensors that measure currents up to 160 amps and also can be installed in almost every environment with any kind of product. The system consists of a control unit and sensors with different measurement ranges and mounting options. Up to 64 sensors can be connected to each control unit. The sen-sors are linked to the control unit via a fl at cable. Measurement data enable remote access from a Modbus system via a RS485 Modbus RTU interface. ABB, Safety switch for commercial, industrial applications The ABB low-voltage products division’s heavy-duty safety switches are designed for commercial and industrial applications and meet UL98, CSA, and NEMA KS-1 stan-dards for demanding service-entrance and motor-load applications. The 600 V-and 200 kA-rated switches use the same globally rated bodies as ABB’s rotary-style switches, providing increased performance, reliability, and safety to the heavy-duty market seg-ment. They are the fi rst heavy-duty switches in the industry to offer touch-safe visible blades and operating mechanisms that are fully enclosed and protected from dirt and debris. All enclosure types come with gaskets, are free of sharp edges, and offer a spa-cious interior for easier and safer wiring and installation of optional accessories. ABB, Circuit breaker with integrated energy management functions ABB’s Emax 2 is a low-voltage circuit breaker with integrated energy management functions that monitor power usage and control installed loads and generators. Rather than switching power, Emax 2 breakers manage usage by disconnecting non-priority loads when consumption should be limited and reconnecting them as soon as it’s appropriate. The breakers can also automatically activate emergency, standby, or alternate power supplies when needed. The Ekip Power Controller is available for Emax 2 circuit breakers for any application where control of power usage is needed. It monitors power as it fl ows through the circuit breaker and manages loads to enable cost savings on electricity by limiting peak power consumption. ABB, Arc resistance switchgear Eaton’s arc-resistant low-voltage switchgear technology is designed to extend Type 2B arc-resistant ratings with the instrument and breaker secondary door open. The switchgear is engineered to improve uptime for data center, oil and gas, mining, utility, and other mission critical industrial applications. Eaton’s switchgear also is designed to protect personnel around the perimeter of the switchgear from dangerous arcing faults. The switchgear design allows access to the control switch and indicator lights located on the breaker secondary doors without opening the main breaker door. This design has been made available for both front and rear access arc-resistant low-voltage switchgear to minimize the footprint of electrical distribution equipment. Eaton, Consulting-Specifying Engineer • APRIL 2015 37


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