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ith the launching of five new products, it’s fair to say that the past year has been a busy one for Staco Energy Products Co. and its President Jeff Hoffman. Staco’s new products include: • Unistar V, a 1-, 2-, and 3-kVA rack universal mount single-phase, online double-conversion UPS • Unistar VP, a 6-kVA rack/universal mount and a 6-and 10-kVA tower single-phase, online double conversion UPS • UniStar SCLI924, a 350 W to 21-kW online double-conversion single-phase UL 924 central lighting inverter • FirstLine P 924, a 58.5-to 225-kW online double-conversion three phase UL 924 central lighting inverter • FirstLine PL 924, a 9-to 36-kW online double-conversion three-phase UL 924 central lighting inverter W Several projects that are already underway to support the UPS planned growth include: • Upgrade to 10 to 40kVA packaging • Mobile Apps to communicate with UPS • Meeting industrial grade specs • Security protection option Jeff Hoffman says his company has taken note of requests for UPS systems with higher operating efficiencies. Staco Energy Products has also made big plans for 2015, which include expanding to higher power ranges and modular UPS. Jeff Hoffman President Staco Energy Products Co. Staco Energy Products also manufactures power factor correction units to help facilities avoid penalties from utilities. “We look at it from the standpoint of complete savings for the data center from all aspects, from the power factor correction and a more ef-ficient UPS to minimize the utility costs the customer is paying,” says Hoffman. For more than seventy years, customers worldwide have relied on Staco as their dependable source for standard and tailored solutions to a wide range of electrical power problems. Headquartered in Miamisburg, Ohio, Staco Energy Products is a wholly owned subsidiary of Components Corporation of America, located in Dallas, Texas. “We have had substantial growth over the last two years, averaging thirteen percent,” says Jeff Hoffman, President of Staco Energy Products Co, “And we have positioned ourselves to keep that pace going in 2015.” In 2015, Staco plans to continue their major efforts in engineering to get other products launched to complete their UPS product portfolio and to position themselves to be in a stronger competitive position. Just some of Staco’s broad range of electrical products The company’s end users are in the mid-range to large IT sector and various other market segments, such as oil & gas, healthcare, and manufacturing. Staco’s UPS units are user-friendly, adds Hoffman. “The unit can be completely controlled and monitored right at the control panel on the unit or remotely from a desk.” Maintenance is standard and includes an annual preventative maintenance check, primarily focusing on the condition of the batteries. • 937-253-1191 ADVERTISEMENT

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