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Total annual dollar amount of HVAC, BAS products Don't know > $5.0 million $500,001 to $750,000 < $500,000 9% 24% 10% $3.1 to $5.0 million 17% 13% research 2014 ELECTRICAL AND POWER STUDY: 16% 11% $750,001 to $1.0 million $1.1 to $3.0 million Nine out of 10 fire and life safety engineers rank product qual-ity, manufacturer’s reputation, and previous experience with manufac-turer as very important factors for selecting one fire and life safety sys-tem over another. Source: Consult-ing-Specifying Engineer 2014 Fire and Life Safety Study R Seven key findings for the electrical, power industries espondents to the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2014 Electrical and Power Study identified seven important high-level findings impacting the electrical and power industries today: 1. Systems specified: More than 80% of engineers responsible for decisions related to the design of elec-trical and/or power systems specify electrical distribution equipment, cir-cuit breakers, fuses, cables, and wires. 2. Design factors: 98% of engi-neers rank product quality at the top of their list when selecting one elec-trical or power system over another. 3. Specifications: 60% of engineer-ing firms are consistently using open electrical or power system specifica-tions in which engineering approval and/or explicit brand use is required. 4. Building structures: Six in 10 engineers specify, design, or make product selections for office buildings and industrial or manufacturing facilities/warehouses. 5. Electrical, power revenue: 64% of engineering firms specifying electrical or power systems for new or existing buildings are generating $5 million or less through these projects on an annual basis. 6. Selection involvement: Seven out of 10 engineers are responsible for recommending the brand of elec-trical or power systems for specifica-tion, and another 69% spend their time researching and evaluating options. 7. Top challenges: More than 80% of engineers agree that an inadequate budget is a common challenge for electrical or power systems design, while 47% are also challenged with frequent codes and standards updates. In April 2014, Consulting-Specifying Engineer surveyed audience members related to the design of electrical and power products and services within their firms for the 2014 Electrical and Power Study. View the full study at 47% of annual MEP design revenue in the electrical and power industry is spent on new construc-tion, 35% on retrofit/renovation projects, and 6% on commission-ing/retro-commissioning. Source: Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2014 Electrical and Power Study $7.3 million: Average annual MEP/FP design revenue earned by firms specify-ing lighting and lighting control products for new and existing build-ings. Source: Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2014 Lighting and Lighting Controls Study Top 5 electrical, power products specified 90% 87% 91% 85% 88% 82% 88% 80% 84% 79% 2013 2014 More research Quarterly, Consulting-Specifying Engineer surveys its audience on four topics: fire and life safety, elec-trical and power, lighting and light-ing controls, and HVAC and building automation systems. All of the reports are available online at Electrical distribution Circuit breakers, fuses, etc. Cable, wire, etc. Emergency, standby power Transformers Source: Consulting-Specifying Engineer , CFE Media FOR MORE RESEARCH INFORMATION Consulting-Specifying Engineer • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2015 11

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