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MEP Roundtable Andrew Baxter, PE Principal/ MEP Engineering Director Page Austin, Texas Driving data center design In the information age, data centers can be the beating heart of not just a building, but an entire global corporation. Engineers with expe-rience working on data centers offer advice on their complex design and getting all the various aspects to compute. CSE: Please describe a recent data center project you’ve worked on—share details about the project, including building location, size, owner’s project requirements (OPR), etc. Andrew Baxter: Page recently designed a Tier III data center for a confidential Fortune 100 company located in the Chicago met-ropolitan area. This is one of the most effi-cient data centers in the transportation sec-tor, supporting the client’s commitment to the environment. It was built to withstand severe weather conditions without compromising the integrity or security of its cooling system, which is anticipated to achieve an annual average power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.09. The new data center has been designed to achieve energy savings of approximately 50% above the required efficiency standards with state-of-the-art economizer systems for cooling critical electrical rooms and air-han-dling units, an energy recovery make-up air handling unit for ventilation, high-efficiency condensing boilers for heating, and highly efficient LED lighting. It is based on N+2 1000 kW units, and Phase 1 was designed to be a 4 MW information technology (IT) fit-up with a 12 MW total facility load at full build-out. Phase 1 of the 308,000-sq-ft project includes 25,000 sq ft of white space in an 180,000-sq-ft building. This initial phase includes the company’s backup emer-gency operations center (EOC) in which it will control its entire worldwide operations in the event that the main operations center is ever down. The EOC contains conference rooms and 50 workstations for various user groups, which are focused on a video wall Brandon Kingsley, PE, CxA, CEM Project Manager Primary Integration Solutions Inc. Charlotte, N.C. Keith Lane, PE, RCDD, NTS, RTPM, LC, LEED AP BD+C President/Chief Engineer Lane Coburn & Associates LLC Seattle Dwayne Miller, PE, RCDD CEO JBA Consulting Engineers Hong Kong and a control room overlook for supervision. It is anticipated that approximately 85% of the facility will be free cooled. Brandon Kingsley: Primary Integration is currently involved in commissioning a 128 MW cloud data center that is being deployed in four sites. The intent of the OPR is to design more reliability into the IT network and equip-ment and less into the mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP), and fire protection systems. The design consists of multiple buildings, which have hot aisle containment but no raised floors and no mechanical cooling. Cold aisle allowable operating temperatures can be as high as 90 F. Instead of designing the mechan-ical systems based on the IT equipment, the IT equipment was designed and selected in conjunction with the mechanical systems to operate within the mechanical system parame-ters. The biggest commissioning challenge has been staffing and scheduling to test the sheer quantity of mechanical and electrical equip-ment on each site, including 160 air handlers and 21 generators; however, because of the inherent simplicity of the mechanical and elec-trical system designs, we are not dealing with large central chiller plants that have complex control sequences. Keith Lane: Lane Coburn & Associates has worked closely with Silent-Aire for more than 5 years enhancing the design of modular data center deployments around the country. There are numerous challenges and numer-ous benefits to the design, construction, and deployment of modular data centers. Modu-lar data centers are designed and built as a complete system. The entire mechanical and electrical system is built around the client’s IT infrastructure needs and requirements. 14 Consulting-Specifying Engineer • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2015

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