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MEP Roundtable the analytical tools it can apply to the data also allows facility managers to determine if the sustainable design feature requires maintenance or optimization by monitoring the energy usage and comparing it to the facility’s historical data. Daniel L. Doyle: It is not unusual for a design and construc-tion team to spend months or even years planning, designing, and constructing a new building and then turn it over to a facility operations team that has had no involvement in the design process and little or no training on how to operate the new building systems and controls. Thus, it should not be sur-prising that today’s complex control systems are often overrid-den and the buildings don’t operate as efficiently as intended. The facility operations team should be involved in the project as early as possible; their years of hands-on experience can result in great input on making systems simpler and easier to maintain, helping to ensure ongoing success. Most proj-ects could also benefit from significantly more staff training, including off-site training during the design phase followed by on-site training on the new systems as they are brought on-line, before the building is fully occupied and turned over. Minimum training activities should be incorporated into bid-ding documents. Large new buildings and major additions or renovations should be commissioned to help ensure that the systems are all working as intended when the project is turned over. Owners should also consider adding monitoring-based commissioning systems to help ensure that buildings will con-tinue to operate efficiently, long term. When a new building is turned over after commissioning, the operations staff should receive extensive documentation, including commissioning reports and functional performance tests, equipment manuals, and an operations manual for the building systems (including operating setpoints, hours, sequence of operations, water and airflow values, and designed occupancy temperatures). Najafi: A hospital’s BAS can help building personnel moni-tor and control the environment while improving energy effi-ciency. Direct digital control (DDC) and maintenance software has improved greatly over the past few years, providing alarms and warnings when there are failures, and advance notification for scheduled maintenance tasks. Even though much of these systems are automated, they still require user input/control, so we’ve implemented specific training for building person-nel to be a part of the contract documents, requiring certain knowledge milestones to be achieved by the building person-nel prior to full turnover. Banse: Early in the project discuss sustainable features with the owner and other team members and identify their require-ments or requests to be included. Define what is important and what the project can afford. Look for alternative ways of achiev-ing the goals and saving energy with high-efficiency equipment. Declining hospital resources add to the challenge facing design engineers. Be creative. Orzewicz: Most of the practices required of building person-nel to maintain a sustainable building are not exclusive to sus-tainable buildings. Although systems and design parameters may 14 Consulting-Specifying Engineer • NOVEMBER 2014 • ISO-9001 Certified • 70,000 ft 2 of manufacturing space • Strategically located for domestic and worldwide markets • Over 65 years of experience • Turn-key systems available • A vailable Certified IBC Seismic Compliance • Professional sales and engineering staff • High performance, maintenance free materials • Unparalleled customer service • Expertise in code compliance, extreme sound attenuation and challenging applications Like Us BALTIMORE, MD WWW.PRITCHARDBROWN.COM 800.231.2258 input #9 at Where to find innovative solutions for pipes in motion Metraflex knows piping systems. And how to make them stress free and efficient. Tap into our 50 years of experience, expertise and innovation. Revit ...Revit ® ® CAD drawings online Learn more at ©2012 The Metraflex Company 312-738-3800 input #10 at

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