Consulting Specifying Engineer Consulting-Specifying Engineer (November-CSE) : Page-11

a cumulative effect on all systems and building construction. Jones: Smaller existing floor-to-floor structural slab heights combined with architectural requests for higher ceilings in corridors/common areas result in less ceiling space to route MEP/FP services. Large horizontal structural beams within the ceiling space also create challenges to routing large ductwork and subsequent coordi-nation with plumbing, electrical, and fire protection piping/cabling. CSE: How do you see the design approach for hospitals and health care facilities changing in the next 2 to 5 years? Kos: I think health care systems will challenge the design community to create spaces that can accommodate increasing-ly complex medical procedures outside of the hospital setting. Hospital systems and brokers see an opportunity to fill vacant retail and office space with these clini-cal functions, so the design community will need to be focused on advising the systems on the proper building infrastruc-ture to support the clinical goals of the space. We will need to really listen to the planned specialties and procedures and try to get the hospital systems to also look at the future clinical functions that may need to be supported in these spaces. The desired clinical functions have direct impact on the space design, infrastruc-ture, and level regulatory oversight. Paul J. Orzewicz: Flexibility is what I hear coming from my owners. With inpatient-type surgeries quickly becoming outpatient-type procedures, hospital spaces are changing functions more frequently and the mechanical and electrical systems need the capac-ity and equipment put in place to serve the renovated areas without major sys-tem overhauls. Also, shared room func-Figure 2: With the help of RMF Engineer-ing Inc., two tridundant variable frequen-cy drives serving six supply fans (20 hp each) were designed and installed in a six-story patient bed tower renovation for the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Courtesy: RMF Engineering Inc. Consulting-Specifying Engineer • NOVEMBER 2014 11


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