Consulting Specifying Engineer Consulting-Specifying Engineer (November-CSE) : Page-20

Another open invitation for our competition to try to copy us. Introducing the new Benchmark 6000 high-efficiency boiler. There are always leaders and followers in any industry. And once again, our new Benchmark 6000 high-efficiency boiler puts us way out in front of our competition. Here are just a few reasons why: I I I I AER-Trim AERCO’s patented O 2 trim technology Lifetime thermal shock warranty 15:1 turndown Unmatched compact footprint (79 " H x 34 " W x 109 " D) The new AERCO Benchmark 6000 boiler. High-efficiency with a higher IQ. input #16 at Scan for technical data Available in 7 Sizes. AERCO International Inc. 800.526.0288 •

AERCO International Inc.

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