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September/October 2014 Vol. 21 No. 5 Magazine Staff: Donna Hull, Publisher,; Sue Mitrovich, Managing Editor,; Glenn Laing, Technical Editor,; Melissa Miller, Professional Opportunities and Production Editor,; Sandy Rutter, Professional Listings,; Darrin Drollinger, ASABE Executive Director, Editorial Board: Chair Tony Grift, University of Illinois; Past Chair Brian Steward, Iowa State University; Thomas Brumm, Iowa State University; Victor Duraj, University of California, Davis; Israel Sunday Dunmade, Mount Royal University of Calgary; Rafael Garcia, USDA-ARS; Christopher Henry, University of Arkansas; Shane Williams, Kuhn North America; Chad Yagow, John Deere Harvester Works; Jeong Yeol Yoon, University of Arizona. Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World (ISSN 1076-3333) (USPS 009-560) is published six times per year— January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August, September/October, November/December—by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), 2950 Niles Road, St. Joseph, MI 49085-9659, USA. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Resource, 2950 Niles Road, St. Joseph, MI 49085-9659, USA. Periodical postage is paid at St. Joseph, MI, USA, and addition-al post offices. SUBSCRIPTIONS: Contact ASABE order department, 269-932-7004. COPYRIGHT 2014 by American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. Permission to reprint articles available on request. Reprints can be ordered in large quantities for a fee. Contact Donna Hull, 269-932-7026. Statements in this publication represent individual opinions. Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World and ASABE assume no responsibility for statements and opinions expressed by contributors. Views advanced in the editorials are those of the contributors and do not necessarily repre-sent the official position of ASABE. engineering and technology for a sustainable world September/October 2014 Welcome to our sixth issue of Explore! Perhaps you are entering a new chapter of your life. Maybe you will soon be deciding a future path ... leaving home, choosing a major, making new friends, searching for a career. Explore where careers in agricultural technology and systems management can take you is designed to showcase the opportunities in this growing field. If you aren’t familiar with an ag systems degree, read on! We think you will be impressed with the diverse possibilities—from study abroad and hands-on internships to jobs awaiting ag systems graduates. If you have decisions ahead, you may discover that you like what ag systems has to offer. CONTENTS 4 Your questions answered about ag systems M o r e t h a n y o u t h o u g h t p o s s i b l e : PROFILES IN FINDING A PASSION AND PATH ON THE COVER Caitlin Hubner is pursuing a degree in Ag Systems Management at Purdue University. 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Typical Day? Only t he coffee! Dancing to the moment May I help you? Living the dream Knowing your passion Racing to the finish line Trading with energy Putting the future in focus Internship? Travel? Must do! It’s all about technology Take on the world! Gettin’ down and dirty GO for it! Do it for yourself! JD all the way How to find a job? Network! Living large and Greek Sushi, anyone? Global and civic initiatives Steven Webster Caitlin Hubner Heather Michalka Wilson Humayun Tariq Nathan Chess Megan Betzel Cate Gagliardo Brandon Quinn Brad Kruse Nick Herbig Kristen Chonowski Blake Watkins Zachary Winkel ADVERTISERS Inside Cover: Patrick Anderson Texas A&M University Darren Falk 13 Iowa State University Kelly Brunkhorst Purdue University Chandler Keown University of Nebraska-Lincoln Mason Anderson 20 University of Kentucky 21 University of Missouri Ava Haun University of Wisconsin-American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers 2950 Niles Road St. Joseph, MI 49085-9659, USA 269.429.0300, fax 269.429.3852, Career Opportunities Searching for a school? Professional listings Professional opportunities What’s your passion? ASABE can help make it happen! River Falls 31 Penn State University Back Cover: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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