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Matthew Lumkes and co-laborer do maintenance on the 2012 PUP. David Wilson paints the new PUP’s rear frame. tural labor. But Africa also has resources that can help feed the world’s growing population, it has significant opportuni-ties for engaging in new markets, and it is filled with diver-sity and energy. “You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after.” The Hobbit How true this was for me. In our various professional positions, we are often encouraged to provide personal growth plans by answering questions like “Where do you want to be in five years?” If anyone had asked me that back in 2009, before my first invitation from Vincent Kitio, founder of the African Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies (ACREST,, to visit him in Cameroon, not one sentence in my five-year plan would have included Africa, or things like maize grinders, water pumps, appropriate technologies, and slow sand filters. The team in Cameroon with a newly constructed 2013 PUP. Author John Lumkes, front row, far right . RESOURCE May/June 2014 5

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