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Editor’s Viewpoint 1111 W. 22nd St. Suite 250, Oak Brook, IL 60523 630-571-4070 Fax 630-214-4504 CONTENT SPECIALISTS/EDITORIAL AMARA ROZGUS, Editor in Chief/Content Manager 630-571-4070 x2211, JESSICA DUBOIS-MAAHS, Associate Content Manager 630-571-4070 x2220, 630-571-4070 x2213, 630-571-4070 x2209, 630-779-8910, JORDAN SCHULTZ, Associate Content Manager AMANDA MCLEMAN, Project Manager MICHAEL SMITH, Creative Director KATE STEEL, Content Specialist Amara Rozgus, Editor in Chief EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD ANIL AHUJA, PE, LEED AP, RCDD, President, CCJM Engineers, Chicago PETER ALSPACH, PE, LEED AP BD+C, Associate Principal, Mechanical Engineer, Arup, Seattle J. PATRICK BANSE, PE, LEED AP, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Smith Seckman Reid Inc., Houston JERRY BAUERS, PE, National Director of Commissioning, Sebesta Blomberg & Assocs. Inc., Kansas City, Mo. THOMAS BROWN, PE, Executive Vice President, RJA Group Inc., Laurel, Md. MICHAEL CHOW, PE, LEED AP BD+C, Principal, Metro CD Engineering LLC, Powell, Ohio DOUGLAS EVANS, PE, FSFPE, Fire Protection Engineer, Clark County Building Division, Las Vegas JASON GERKE, PE, LEED AP BD+C, C X A, Mechanical Engineer, GRAEF, Milwaukee RAYMOND GRILL, PE, FSFPE, Principal, Arup, Washington, D.C. DANNA JENSEN, PE, LEED AP BD+C, Associate Principal, ccrd partners, Dallas WILLIAM KOSIK, PE, CEM, LEED AP BD+C, BEMP, Principal Data Center Energy Technologist, HP Technology Services, Chicago KENNETH KUTSMEDA, PE, LEED AP, Engineering Design Principal, KlingStubbins, Philadelphia KEITH LANE, PE, RCDD, LC, LEED AP, President, Lane Coburn & Assocs., Seattle KENNETH L. LOVORN, PE, President, Lovorn Engineering Assocs., Pittsburgh MICHAEL MAR, PE, LEED AP, Senior Associate, Environmental Systems Design Inc., Chicago BRIAN MARTIN, PE, Electrical Engineer, CH2M Hill, Portland, Ore. SYED PEERAN, PE, Ph.D., Senior Engineer, CDM Smith Inc., Cambridge, Mass. BRIAN A. RENER, PE, LEED AP, Electrical Platform Leader and Quality Assurance Manager, M+W Group, Chicago RANDY SCHRECENGOST, PE, CEM, Austin Operations Group Manager and Senior Mechanical Engineer, Stanley Consultants, Austin, Texas GERALD VERSLUYS, PE, LEED AP, Principal, Senior Electrical Engineer, TLC Engineering for Architecture, Jacksonville, Fla. E Everyone’s a critic very child approaches report card day with one of two emo-tions: dread or excitement. Struggling students dread hearing what they’ve known all along—that they’re doing poorly in an academic subject (or two). The excited students are eager to share their success with parents, and even brag to their fellow classmates. Adult life is no different, though letter grades typically morph into pass/fail grades. We dread hearing the answer “no” when we don’t get the response we’re expecting from the client, or don’t win the project bid, or get turned down for a promo-tion or raise. Most people tend to take criticism and learn from it—we learn from our mistakes in order to do a better job next time. If that feedback never comes, then we don’t know where to improve. Though many of you might argue that you get feedback daily in the form of signed contracts or customer testimonials, our work is sometimes sent out into the ether without any response. It’s frustrating and can reduce our motivation to almost nil. While it’s impossible for each of us to walk around and quantita-tively research every thing we do, we absorb responses from our peers, supervisors, loved ones, clients, and even strangers. It’s human nature to react to these interactions negatively or positively. Too bad we can’t ask each of these people we interact with to grade us on how we’re doing. On the other hand, I can ask YOU to grade Consulting-Specifying Engi-neer on how we’re doing. Using quantitative data, we will improve the print publication, the digital edition, and Web content. Based on your reactions and responses, we’ll learn from our mistakes in order to better serve you. To reward you for your time, we’re offering three $50 gift cards for completing this feedback survey. Please tell us how we’re doing at www.csemag. com/2014feedbacksurvey. We’ve already received this kind of feedback in other places. For example, our most recent research, the Fire & Life Safety Study, pro-vides us with insights into the fire protection market and tells us about the types and sizes of projects you’re working on. By studying this data, we now know that we need to pro-vide our audience with more infor-mation about codes and standards, and details on how to work with local authorities having jurisdiction. You may download the results of this study—and several others—at MIKE WALTERS, PE, LEED AP, Principal, Confluenc, Madison, Wis. Consulting-Specifying Engineer • MARCH 2014 9

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