Consulting Specifying Engineer January 2014-CSE : Page-2

Making data centers work smarter, in more ways than one Siemens: Your partner for comprehensive solutions that deliver maximum uptime, reliability and efficiency. The demands placed on data centers are as numerous as they are critical. Energy efficiency, reliability, security and scalability are just a few. Data center managers need an infrastructure partner they can trust to see the big picture. That’s why more are turning to Siemens. Our data center experts are there every step of the way. From planning to implementation to service, they deliver answers that improve the safety, security, efficiency and performance of data centers of every type. We provide reliable power distribution with management tools that keep equipment online and improve efficiency. Our energy-efficient building automation, cooling and HVAC products control both consumption and costs. And with our Datacenter Clarity LC™ DCIM solution, performance can be monitored at-a-glance, allowing for smarter decisions and optimized total data center efficiencies. With more solutions addressing the most critical needs, Siemens is the infrastructure partner data centers rely on. Answers for infrastructure and cities. input #3 at

Siemens Industry, Inc.

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