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TROUBLE SHOOTING RAMPANT ROBOT G r a e m e Q u i c k , author, technical writer, engineering consult-ant, farmer and fruit tree grower, Peachester, Queensland, Australia “I do my cartooning for serious fun and to accompany the odd document where relevant if related to agricultural robotics.” HAITI HOOP HOUSE B r i a n B o m a n , Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, University of Florida, Indian River Research and Education Center, Fort Pierce, USA “One of my favorite photos shows one of the hoop houses that I introduced to Haiti, located in a remote area northeast of the town of Furcy at an elevation of about 5,500 feet. I still don’t know how they got the materials there and built it. It is a hike of many miles from the road that I took the photo from. The men who built it said “No problem!” Not only did they need to carry the materials, they had to level the area by hand so they could put up the hoop house. They liked the location because they were able to pipe water to it from a spring higher up the mountain (off to the right on the photo). The steep slopes are typical of the farming in this area of Haiti. As part of the cost share for the hoop houses, the farmer must stop farming the mountain slope and plant 50 trees for reforestation.” 13 2 4 MAGNIFICENT MICROSCOPICS Er i c B i r k e n h a u e r , graduate student in biological engineering; E v a n W r i g h t , undergrad biological engineering student; A d a m V o g t , research assistant; a n d S u r e s h N e e t h i r a j a n , Assistant Professor, School of Engineering, BioNano Lab, University of Guelph, Canada BALL-IN-SOCKET, image 1 “The tip of a ballpoint pen at 200 micron resolution.” CROWN OF THORNS, image 3 “SEM image of the surface of a plant leaf revealing length-scale roughness at higher magnification.” BIONANO ROBOT, image 2 “Atomic force microscopic image of a unipolar flagella bacterium.” ICE IN MARTIAN CRATER, image 4 “Inverted optical microscopic image of two-day old culture of E. coli . DAPI, GFP, phase contrast, and bright field images are overlaid with some artistic license.” RESOURCE September/October 2013 21

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