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South Dakota Thunder Head Be n j a m i n Co v i n g to n Graduate Research Assistant, Iowa State University Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department, Ames, USA Storm brews on the horizon on the banks of the Missouri River. MANUAL WOOL PROCESSING, NEPAL PhD student, School of Health Sciences, Mt. Helen Campus, University of Ballarat, VIC, Australia “I am from Nepal, a new member of ASABE, and received a master’s degree in Food Engineering from the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand. Now I am in Australia working for a PhD. I share this photo related to traditional agricultural engi-neering technology, which was taken while I was working in a very remote district of Nepal. It shows how manual wool processing is done in rural areas.” Y a k i n d r a T i m il s e n a , EYES TO THE FUTURE: University of Arizona Controlled Environment Agriculture G e n e G i a c o m e l l i , Professor, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, and Director, Controlled Environment Agriculture Program, University of Arizona, Tucson, USA The NASA Steckler Space Grant Lunar Greenhouse at the University of Arizona CEAC houses water-cooled, sodium vapor lamps—showcasing the green of sweet potatoes, strawberries, and other crops in advanced hydroponic growing systems— now used more for urban habitats, severe environment extremes, or innovative industry plant needs on Earth. And, of course, the systems are also for space colonists.” 20 September/October 2013 RESOURCE

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