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9307 S ERIES P UMPS WITH F ORCE F IELD ™ T ECHNOLOGY Pentair, New Brighton, Minn., USA Hypro brand 9307 Series Pumps, with ForceField™ technology, are designed for today’s rugged environment. They offer a unique isolated seal chamber that improves reliability, robustness, and extends the life of the pump. The product solution pump of a crop sprayer conducts a myriad of compounded chemistries through its system. The seal chamber of this pump is designed with a passive pressure compensating system to safely protect the mechanical seal faces against all chemistries without the need for monitoring or maintenance. 605 S UPER M C ORNSTALK S PECIAL B ALER WITH I NLINE ™ R AMP Vermeer Corporation, Pella, Iowa, USA The 605 Super M Cornstalk Special Baler is built to make baling cornstalks more efficient with added capability via the innovative Inline™ Ramp.The optional Inline™ Ramp makes picking up cornstalks more efficient by turning the bale 90 degrees upon ejection so bales are lined up along the rows for easy loading, eliminating driving across rows, ridges, and stalks.The Inline™ Ramp also means less damage to bales by reducing the need for operators to move bales for loading. In addition, the 605 Super M Cornstalk Special Baler offers enhanced durability and a unique and patented powered windguard design to provide better starts, faster operating speeds, and clean uniform intake of cornstalks. The 605 Super M Cornstalk Special Baler is built for handling cornstalks just like hay, even in the tough conditions and tight timeframes of late-season cornstalk baling. ABS S UPER S TEER ™ N EW H OLLAND T7 840CD R IGID D RAPER H EADER New Holland Agriculture, New Holland, Penn., USA The New Holland 840CD rigid draper header is an all-new product in the New Holland stable of combine headers, perfect for harvesting small grains where cutting off at the ground is preferred. It is available in cutting widths of 7.6, 9.1, 10.7, 12.2, and 13.7 m (25, 30, 35, 40, and 45 ft) with features that include the patented SynchroKnife™ drive, a patented fully integrated transport system, an isolated hydraulic system that allows for individual adjustments in draper belts and knife speeds, industry-exclusive infeed draper belt delay following reversing, and new Auto Header Height control software that maintains a simple header-to-combine coupling and optimum cut performance.The header also includes standard hydraulic in-cab control of the header cut angle (four degrees forward, three degrees rear) and extra-wide 2.1 m (83 in.) in-feed belts to handle large crop volumes. FOR New Holland Agriculture, New Holland, Penn., USA The New Holland ABS SuperSteer™, available on New Holland T7 Series tractors, is the first use of an anti-lock braking system on a conventional tractor. It delivers the same on-road safety features as ABS fitted to a passenger car: improved vehicle stability and controlled steering while braking. The system monitors wheel rotation and braking force to eliminate wheel lock-up, even on low-friction surfaces such as wet or icy roads. It provides straight-line braking if wheels on one side are on a different surface than the other side. ABS SuperSteer™ allows steering around an obstacle when braking hard. For improved safety, an electronic latch automatically activates at speeds greater than 12 kph (7.46 mph) so that either pedal operates all four brakes. The system can automate the control of the rear independent brake control to reduce the tractor’s turning circle by as much as 50 percent over the standard T7 for field operations. RESOURCE January/February 2013 5

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