Plant Engineering March 2014-PE : Cover3

SPELL RELIABLE We don’t like to brag, but we are proud of our ability to o er the highest quality drives and servos in the industry. We also work very hard at providing quick response to customer orders and questions. And, we boast some of the best meantime between failure rates in the industry. Is that because of our quality products and innovative manufacturing processes? Sure. But it’s also because of the Yaskawa associates that come to work every day looking to maintain a standard of excellence in serving you that we’d match against anybody’s. Our people and our products are held to this standard every day. That’s why we spell reliable Y-A-S-K-A-W-A. YA SK A W A AMERICA, INC. DRIVES & MO TION DIVISION 1-800-YA SK A W A YA SK A W A. C OM For More Info: Follow us: ©2014 Yaskawa America Inc. input #29 at


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