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IN NOVATIONS The BPS’s Model BBF load-er features an inflatable fill head that offers a dust-free seal when loading, dust port with dust cartridge, and manually adjustable bag supports for varying bag heights—great for low ceiling heights. Many options are available. Best Process Solutions Inc. Input #203 at information Bulk bag fillers Automation controls The PACSystems family of automation controllers, standardized on the PROFI-NET industrial network, provides a high-performance, reliable, yet simple to con-figure and install distributed I/O network. The Ethernet modules enable connection at the device level to the software level of infrastructure. The three new modules include IEC61850, DNP3, and IEC60870-5-104 Ethernet-based communication protocols, enabling improved access to data and time-stamping of events via object-oriented programming. This allows users to troubleshoot and identify the root cause of downtime and/or system distur-bances, and eliminate those disruptors. GE Input #204 at Shaft collars Easylock shaft collars hold reels, spools, and other objects in place on shafts. Objects are held firmly between two pin-tles, one of which has a clamping force control. The clamping control permits adjustment of the holding force from 90 to 1,124 lbs. A conical point mounted to each pintle is the mechanism for engag-ing the object with the shaft. The points are specially machined so that start-up and braking moments are transmitted from the shaft to the load. This design prevents the shaft from slipping or turning independently of the load. Rapid stopping and starting is then possible without rotational play of the object on the shaft. Amacoil/Uhing Input #205 at Air filtration systems The TH-280 Series of industrial air filtration systems provides high-efficiency ambient filtration in manufacturing and pro-cessing environments. The TH-280V has a vertical-cabinet design that provides a small footprint, and improved floor-to-ceiling visibility. The TH-280H has a horizontal-cabinet design for low-ceiling height applications, or for installations above equipment. The TH-280 Series ambient-collection design eliminates the need for ductwork that can be costly to install; ductwork can also increase maintenance costs and contami-nant risk as settled dust and particulate accumulate on, and in, the ducting. The TH-280 Series provides up to 6500 cfm of high-efficiency airflow, yet operates at only 74 dBA with a 5 hp motor/blower. Airflow Systems Input #206 at 58 • March 2014 P LANT E NGINEERING

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