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IN NOVATIONS Send new product releases to: Laser distance measurement Two new laser distance meters are designed with an intuitive interface and universal icons for faster measurements and increased productivity. The 2281-20 Laser Distance Meter offers five different measurement functions that allow users to cal-culate length (up to 200 ft), area, and volume, as well as measure distance with indirect measurement (Pythagorean) and stake out equal distances such as studs. The 2282-20 Laser Distance Meter also offers increased distance measurement (up to 260 ft), a timer delay for increased measurement accuracy, and an inclination function that registers the angle of the unit for accu-rate measurements and calculations. Milwaukee Tool Input #201 at Pallet safety gate The new pallet safety gate allows custom-ers to order specialized “clamp-on” or “bolt-on” self-closing pallet safety gates that come equipped with impact-resistant bumpers to protect materials being trans-ported by a forklift from damage. Six mod-els will be offered in galvanized or powder coated that cover unprotected openings from 44 to 79 in. FabEnCo input #200 at Process calibrator The 830 Diagnostic Process Calibrator can quickly find hidden loop problems. The Model 830 has troubleshooting features and the ability to operate as an isolated universal diagnostic transmitter. The toolbox tough design includes a backlit display for use in dark environments, protective rubber boot with built-in stand, hands-free carrying case, and test leads. The easy-to-use double-click menu system allows for quick setup, fast switching between functions, and preprogramming of setpoints and step/ramp times. PIE Calibrators Input #202 at P LANT E NGINEERING March 2014 • 57

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