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NEW PRODUCTS 1 NUEYES Manufacturer: NuEyes Description: NuEyes, a Southern Calif.-based startup, is introducing lightweight, wireless, voice-activated smart glasses for the visually impaired. The glasses are designed to help those with macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa or other visual conditions. It incorporates technology developed by ODG (Osterhout Design Group), a leading producer of smart glasses. Features: NuEyes glasses allow the user to read, write, watch TV and movies, see faces, continue hobbies such as reading music or playing cards and regain visual independence. NUEYES EASY • Variable magnification from 2 to 4x • Four contrasts in color: normal, enhanced positive, enhanced negative and grayscale • TV watching, streaming and with a cable • Two-hour battery in the device and a 10-hour battery pack included • Four nose pieces • Optical attachment for distance viewing • Wireless remote • Voice activation • Ear buds • Bluetooth for sound, can be paired to a headset or Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids • Two-year warranty NUEYES PRO Incorporates all of the above features plus: • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) allows the user to have printed text scanned and read to them. • 15 of the most used languages including English to start • Web browsing and Internet • E-mail • Social media apps • Smart board streaming for students nueyes.com; (800) 605-4033 2 MOBASE STAND FOR MOBILUX MAGNIFIERS MA Distributor: Eschenbach Optik of Ame America Description: The new Mobase stand from Eschenbach (#1511-001) 3 GEM CUT TURNING TOOL Manufacturer: Jeanie Premium Products Description: A new addition n to Jeanie Premium Products’ extensive line of diamond tools, the Gem Cut t Turning Tool offers precise cuts, extended tool life and the same benefits as natural diamond, d but with more consistency in the quality and number of cuts for the end user, according to Jeanie. This item, along with the company’s natural diamond and JP Gold Diamond, cover all the individual lab preferences. Features: A cost-effective option for diamond tool users, the Gem Cut is a transitional tool for those using natural diamonds. It’s clear, precise and offers the rake and angle requirements needed for the end users. enables Mobilux LED handheld magnifiers to be used as a ma stand magnifier. The stand is designed to fit the following desi Mobilux Handheld Magnifiers: 1511-2, 1511-3, 1511-4 and 1511-41. Features: There are two pos positions to choose from. Used in user has both hands free to work the upright position, the u as threading a needle or filing behind the lens, such a the flat position, users can easily nails. When used in t slide their Mobilux handheld magnifier over the reading material. Each of the fou four Mobase stands has unique specifications that guarantee the correct for every Mobilux LED viewing distance dist magnifier. It’s quick and easy to handheld m insert the Mobilux LED into the Mobase and patients can change over to stand, an the magnifier as a handheld using th device at any time. The stand is made of sturdy black plastic. pla www.eschenbach.com; w (800) 487-5389 (8 Availability: Gem Cut complements Jeanie’s line of natural and JPP Gold turning tools. It is a stocked item and is available for immediate shipping. Relapping services are also available. www.jeaniediamondtooling.com; sales@jeaniediamondtooling.com; (952) 426-3237 110 • March 2016 20/2 20/20 0 0

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