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A JOBSON PUBLICATION • VOLUME 153 / NUMBER 2 OPHTHALMIC Product Guide Special Advertising Section Dear Doctor, Review of Optometry is pleased to offer you this preview of many exciting new products now available in the ophthalmic marketplace. Here, you’ll learn about innovative new medications, diagnostic instruments, corrective lens options, in-office laboratory equipment and many other products. There are two ways to obtain more information on a particular product: 1. Go to, click Supplements, Product Guide digital edition, and then follow the prompts. 2. Circle the corresponding number on the enclosed reader service card for each product of interest. Fill in your name and address, and return the postage-paid card to us. Educational materials will be sent directly to you by the individual companies. Thank you for your interest and support! Circle No. 1 Keeler 40H Goes Digital The Q series 40H Digital and Digital Ready Slit Lamp comes with many additional features over and above the 40H K series Slit Lamps. As well as benefiting from the combined integrated camera and beam splitter (optional for the Digital Ready version), additional Slit Lamp features include a background illuminator, auxiliary diffuser, blue filter and camera and review control buttons mounted on the dashboard area. Add our Kapture Software Packages. Kapture Lite is a stand-alone system including still capture with live preview, patient data base, image processing, import and export, much more. Circle No. 2 Keeler Instruments, Inc. ▲ (800) 523-5620 AVENOVA ® WITH NEUTROX ® (PURE HYPOCHLOROUS ACID) Avenova with Neutrox (pure hypochlorous acid) removes microorganisms and debris from the lids and lashes. Avenova is an ideal addition to any daily lid and lash hygiene regimen, including usage by patients with blepharitis and dry eye. Avenova may also be used after make-up removal as well as pre-and post-contact lens wear. Visit for more information. Circle No. 4 Circle No. 3 NovaBay Pharmaceuticals ▲ (800) 890-0329 Requesting product information is now fast and easy! Go to, click Supplements, Product Guide digital edition and follow the prompts to request product information. pg. 1

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