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Sponsored by From Dry Eye to Lid Margin Diseases: Promoting Quality Healing Through Evidence-Based Therapies D uring a recent industry meeting, four corneal specialists came together to discuss how innovative corneal wound-healing and hygiene solutions have changed the way they approach a wide range of ocular surface and eyelid margin diseases and disorders, including dry eye, epithelial defects, conjunctivochalasis, blepharitis and demodex. They shared their experiences with Bio-Tissue Inc.’s PROKERA ® biologic corneal bandage, AmnioGraft ® biologic ocular transplantation graft and Cliradex ® lid, lash and facial cleanser. High-lights from their discussion follow. healing of the ocular surface, more tissue damage, chronic pain and HEALING EPITHELIAL DEFECTS Eric Donnenfeld, MD discomfort/irritation, as well as vision-threatening complications such as scarring and haze. Thus, effective control of infl ammation is an important strategy for promoting quality healing and minimizing the risk of scar and haze. Biologic corneal bandages can promote quality healing because they modulate infl ammation ( see Figure 1 ) and in my experience, they have made a big difference—in both easy and recalcitrant cases. In fact, PROKERA ® products provide To obtain and sustain the best possible outcomes for patients, cornea specialists strive to achieve quality healing of the ocular sur-face. What is quality healing of the ocular surface? It’s the reproduction of quality cells on the ocular sur-face, or the regeneration of healthy tissue, rather than the need for repair with granulation tissue to re-store normal tissue function. Visual acuity, quality of life, comfort and cosmetic appearance all depend on quality healing; needless to say, it is quite important. Infl ammation is the fi rst step in wound healing, but uncontrolled infl ammation can cause delayed Controlling the Wound Healing Cascade Injury to Host Tissue Normal Wound Healing +Cryopreserved Amniotic Membrane Immune Response Regenerative Wound Healing Sustained Inflammation Uncontrolled Angiogenesis Fibrotic Tissue Formation Selective Immune Respons Suppressed Inflammation Inhibited Angiogenesis Remodeled Host Tissue Disorganized Scar Tissue Figure 1:PROKERA ® biologic corneal bandages, AmnioGraft ® biologic ocular transplantation graft and Amnio-Guard ® biologic glaucoma shunt tube graft are the only amniotic membrane tissue products cleared by the FDA for reducing infl ammation and promoting regenerative healing of the ocular surface. 1 Review of Ophthalmology | March 2015

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