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E measures our effectiveness in the diversity and inclusion space company-wide. The tool indicates opportunities for improvement within specific areas throughout all of our manufacturing and non-manufacturing sites. It measures both process and results.” If Toyota’s inclusive culture appeals to you, make note of the qualities that Toyota seeks. “We need people with the ability to be nimble and flex-I with the ability to be nimble and flexible given the demands of a high pace environment ” “ We need people ible given the demands of a high pace environment,” Trim-ble says. “We need problem solvers, too, who are willing to learn and utilize the continuous improvement mindset in daily work processes. You also have to have the ability to handle multiple projects effectively. Of course, you need a diversity mindset. You must be open and willing to work with diverse groups of people, ethnicities, and various per-spectives to achieve a common goal.” DRIVETIME: Valuing And Appreciating Talent D RIVE T IME , HEADQUARTERED IN DEALERSHIPS NATIONWIDE , IS THE P HOENIX WITH OVER 117 NATION ’ S LARGEST DEALER A MAL Z AHRI , MANAGING HELPING PEOPLE WITH CREDIT ISSUES FIND AND FINANCE A GREAT USED VEHICLE , EXPLAINS DIRECTOR . A As one of 3500+ employees, Zahri oversees four departments: Recruiting, Organizational Development, Tal-ent Support Team, and Internet Sales. “DriveTime values and appreciates diversity and under-stands the power of hiring talent from different backgrounds, encouraging various perspectives to come together for the bet-terment of the company,” Zahri says. “This is something that I have experienced firsthand. I am female, Moroccan, and have an accent. Despite working in a male-dominated industry, I have been afforded every opportunity at DriveTime. My path has taken me from becoming the first female market manager at DriveTime all the way to a recent promotion to a managing director, the first female to attain this position within Drive-Time. Beyond my per-sonal experience, I regu-larly see DriveTime’s commitment to building diverse and talented teams through innovative Amal Zahri, recruiting and hiring Managing director, DriveTime practices as well as our focus on development internally. Because of that commitment, and the dedication to developing employees at all levels, DriveTime’s employee retention rate exceeds the industry standard.” Of course, her disabled colleagues are part of that diverse workforce. “Facilitating our employees’ growth and success is criti-cal to achieving our goals and is at the heart of our ability to innovate,” says Zahri. “An integral part of that is creating comfortable and efficient workspaces that meet their needs. For example, a key member of our recruiting team happens to have a physical disability and we have worked together to create a space that works for her. By working with our employees to identify and provide what they need to succeed, we are investing in our most important asset – our people.” If you’re interested in working in the financial slice of the automotive sector, Zahri shares the attributes that Drive-Time seeks. “DriveTime looks for driven, ambitious, coachable, passionate, and flexible individuals,” she says. “The skills needed vary depending on the position, but these are traits we have found to be indicators for continued success within the company.” If hired, you’ll likely share Zahri’s feelings about Dri-veTime. “I love that career opportunities at DriveTime are driven by our ongoing growth, thanks to the innovative products and strategies such as Return Anytime Lease that makes us the leader in our industry,” she says. “As a result, the teams that we build are diverse and talented.” u 22 T o M o T V CAREERs & the disABLED • FALL 2014

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