Consulting Specifying Engineer June 2014-CSE : Page 73

ADVER TISEMENT Pfannenberg Promotes Safety for Man, Machine, and the Environment Celebrating 60 years of innovation, Pfannenberg manufactures enclosure thermal management products including Filterfans ™ , air/water heat exchangers, A/C cooling units, chillers, heaters and thermostats. Also produced are signaling and alarm devices for safeguarding lives, products, and assets; as well as promoting effi cient factory production and uptime. As a solutions provider, sales representative Otto Pfannenberg invented the fi rst Filterfan ™ in 1958 and invented the fi rst industrial fl ashing visual alarm in 1962. Since that time the company’s global manufacturing foot-print has grown to include production facilities in Germany, Italy, USA, China, and Brazil. more intelligence from alarm signals by assigning a dedicated tone for a specifi c type of event. This helps personnel react more effi ciently as they become “tuned in” to the meaning of the tone. With a variety of external switching techniques, users can control up to four different tone stages with each sounder. With tone stage control, one PATROL sounder can do the work of four separate horns or buzzers. Additional features include quick and easy installation, weather-proof construction, and superior acoustic driver technology for improved audible signal penetration through walls and obstacles. With available output levels from 100 dB to 120 dB, PATROL sounders cover a wide range of application requirements. e Evolution of Signaling As our world becomes progressively automated, the need for notifi cation devices for alarm, warning, and indication escalates. The latest signaling innovations from Pfannenberg include sounders, fl ashing sounders, and strobe lights, which have been meticulously engineered with modern features, advantages, and benefi ts. PATROL Sounders Deliver Multiple Alarm Tones from One Device Audible signals, like spoken words, can have meaning. With PATROL sounders, users can select from a menu of 80 unique tones and gain In noisy environments or where hearing protection is used, audible alarms are best complemented by visual strobe signals. PATROL fl ashing sounders with integrated strobes and PYRA strobe lights represent the ideal solution. With available fl ash energies of 5, 10, or 15 Joules, the coverage area for their visual signals adequately match that of the audible alarms. Complementary Strobe Lights Email: | Tel: 1-866-689-0085 | input #43 at


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