Consulting Specifying Engineer June 2014-CSE : Page 70

ADVER TISEMENT Lumewave Innovates and Saves The California Lighting Technology Center , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy recently completed a state-of-the-art lighting system demonstration at Northbay VacaValley Hospital in Vacaville, CA. The project received an award for “Best Use of Lighting Controls in a Single Facility” from the Lighting Energy Effi ciency in Parking Campaign. The lighting retrofi t consisted of a one to one replacement of HPS, metalhalide, and induction luminaires with LED. Lumewave’s new Radar Based motion detectors with pedestrian detection of 100’ and large vehicle detection at 400’ and PIR for smaller areas were used on luminaires confi gured with Lumewave TOP900s communicating as a networked lighting control system. at low levels during times on no activity. Unifi ed Group control functions with detection by any sensor, bringing up light levels instantly. Lumewave systems also have a high end trim allowing the user to tune and set light levels based on IES recommendations. Metering of the VacaValley Hospital reports an additional 36.6% annual savings at the site. Dateline: San Francisco selects Lumewave for Wireless Streetlight Control System Trial Lumewave’s new MWX, Radar based motion detectors were mounted on cobra head streetlight fi xtures outfi tted with Lumewave TOP900s to provide SFPUC with the capability to remotely control fi xtures individually or in Groups based on time of day and traffi c patterns and to simply set lighting to desired fc levels. The Lumewave system adds substantial savings to streetlight operation accurately measuring and logging energy usage, lowering light levels during times of low activity and raising levels when pedestrians and vehicles are present. The MWX motion detector can detect vehicles 400’ before entering a block and automatically bring up all the lighting before the vehicle gets there. The Lumewave system provides energy logging and monitoring with accuracies better than +-2%, maintenance alerts, photocell operation, multi-level dimming and scheduling based on Group and zoning. Motion detectors allow lighting to operate Watch a video showcasing the MWX in action: For more information about Lumewave please visit or call Stan Lynch at 972-333-0010 or input #40 at

Lumewave, Inc.

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