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ADVER TISEMENT Hochiki America Is Your “Go To” Company For Complete Fire Alarm Systems For high-quality, cost-effective, innovative fire alarm systems and equipment, Hochiki America is your complete solution. Hochiki is a world-leader in the fire alarm industry, with unparalleled quality, service, and support. The HCA-series conventional system is available in 2, 4, and 8 zone versions. A complete line of conventional detectors is available, along with notification appliances and other accessories. Conventional fire alarm solution? Large-scale projects? FireNET ™ analog-addressable system provides up to 4 SLC loops and up to 64 panels which may be networked together, with a potential of more than 65,000 devices! Voice Evacuation is easily integrated using Hochiki’s 6-channel distributed VoiceNET ™ system. A full line of accessories includes initiating devices, notification appliances and annunciators. Heard about FireNET Xtinguish™? This UL Listed, environmentally-friendly aerosol extinguishes fire by breaking the chemical chain reaction of the fire. Quick design, easy installation, and minimal maintenance are ideal for total-flooding extinguishing applications. Medium to smaller projects? President and CEO Hisham Harake is a driving force behind Hochiki’s dedication to quality and innovation. FireNET ™ Plus analog-addressable system is expandable to 2 SLC loops, with the same powerful networking capability as FireNET ™ . Powerful, flexible features include integrated DACT, built-in NAC synchronization, auto-learn feature, and 500 zones. The FireNET ™ and FireNET ™ Plus control panels are complemented by a full array of Hochiki analog sensors and modules, including smoke and heat sensors, duct sensors, multi-criteria sensors, input and output modules. Stable, reliable performance is guaranteed by Hochiki’s patented, noise-immune Digital Communication Protocol (DCP). Early warning? FireNet Vapor ® provides highly reliable, very early warning smoke detection at the earliest presence of fire, while reducing the recurrence of nuisance alarms. FireNet Vapor ® actively samples the air for the smallest particles of smoke to detect fire at the earliest stage. FireNet Vapor ® can also provide reliable detection in a wide range of environments – coal mines, clean rooms, data centers, airports, prison cells, etc. HocHiki AmericA corporAtion 7051 Village Drive, Suite 100, Buena park, cA 90621 | (714) 522-2246 | input #38 at

Hochiki America Corp

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