Consulting Specifying Engineer June 2014-CSE : Page 67

ADVER TISEMENT The Latest Innovations at Gripple Inc. Gripple prides itself on having created the cable hanger industry and developing it into the preferred means of suspending services for industrial and commercial construction. Gripple continues to bring innovative, versatile, and time-saving solutions to the worldwide construction market that replace outdated suspension methods that utilize threaded rod. Over the past 15 years they have revolutionized the way contractors suspend HVAC, Mechanical, Lighting, and Electrical services, and they continue to invent new methods for saving time and labor, increasing safety, and reducing the carbon footprint of construction projects. Gripple’s line of cable hanger products are SMACNA verified and UL listed, have been installed on thousands of projects across North America, and offer many advantages over threaded rod, including: • • Ready-to-use kits. Five load rated hanger sizes, with Safe Working Loads from 25 lbs per hanger to 715 lbs per hanger, each with a 5:1 safety factor. Installation solutions for every type of structure. Easy height and leveling adjustment of the suspended service, during and after the installation. Lightweight products means increased safety, lower transportation costs, and reduced loading of the interior structure on a job site. More aesthetically pleasing and less visually invasive than threaded rod, and virtually invisible from the ground. Gripple’s newest suspension solution is the Side Load Hanger. The Side Load Hanger for pipe attaches to threaded rod and has a self-locking mechanism to quickly suspend 2” horizontal sprinkler pipe or any other non-insulated rigid pipe. It offers the advan-tages of speed and reduced installation time over the traditional methods of pipe suspension. Also available is Gripple Seismic—complete seismic and AT/FP solutions for nonstructural equipment and components including: on-site Engineering services, Gripple Seismic Cable Bracing Systems, and vibration isolation products. • • • • Phone: 1-630-406-0600 or 1-866-474-7753 | | input #37 at


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