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ADVER TISEMENT Global Plasma Solutions’ Technology Saves Energy size from 8 inches up to 12 feet long. Only 60 watts of power is required up to 60,000 CFM! Best of all, there are no replacement parts! From residential products like the GPS-2400 to customized commercial products, GPS can provide the right product for any HVAC type. How do you know it’s working? Independent testing proves GPS’ cold plasma technology eliminates odors, kills pathogens, controls mold and saves energy. The cold plasma produced by GPS’ patented technology breaks down VOC’s to their natural form including oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide or water vapor. GPS’ technology combined with the ASHRAE 62 IAQ Procedure allows outside air to be reduced by up to 75% subject to building pressure in non-healthcare applications. Over 600 projects have been designed using GPS IAQ Spreadsheet based on ASRHAE 62 and GPS’ cold plasma technology. The spreadsheet is available for free to consultants and engineers. Another patent-pending innovation from GPS is the GPS-IMEASURE. The GPS-IMEASURE can be duct or space mounted and it measures ion levels in real time and reports back to the BMS using a 0-10DC signal corresponding to 0-10,000 ions/cc reading. It is now easy to remotely monitor ion levels. The sensor auto-calibrates to ensure accurate readings. Why choose GPS? GPS is 50% veteran owned with manufacturing located in Savannah, GA. GPS’ engineers have experience in a wide variety of applications including over 30,000 installations worldwide. From the Tampa Bay Arena to the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi, GPS has assisted hundreds of engineers on how to apply the technology. Contact one of GPS’ Representatives or the GPS factory offi ce to get your copy of the IAQ spreadsheet or to learn more about GPS’ innovative products. At GPS we are always innovating, never immitating! The GPS-IBAR is GPS’ newest innovative product. It mounts direct to cooling coils on the air entering side. The GPS-IBAR will clean up old coils and keep new coils clean. The GPS-IBAR can be custom cut to any Tel: 912-356-0115 | | input #36 at

Global Plasma Solutions

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