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ADVER TISEMENT Eaton celebrates 100 years of Bussmann innovation It’s been 100 years since the Bussmann brothers fi rst started producing fuses from the basement of their home. And in that time span, Bussmann has grown from providing fuses for horseless carriages and World War II aircraft, to offering more than 30,000 products. From humble beginnings in St. Louis, Missouri, to a global product and distribution network, the Bussmann name is synonymous with technological innovation. Bussmann products have offered protection for history’s innovations. Bussmann fuses protected WWII aircraft, superstructures such as the Gateway Arch and Sears Tower, and NASA space shuttles. But just as history saw innovation, Bussmann products also evolved and many were the fi rst of their kind. Here’s a sample of innovative Bussmann products that were introduced in the past 100 years: • 1914 – Non-renewable cartridge fuses • 1924 – Portable electric lamp • 1934 – Fustat Type S plug fuses • 1945 – Glass tube Fusetron fuses • 1956 – Limitron fuses • 1961 – Class L fuses • 1973 – Small dimension electronic fuses • 1980 – ATC fuses • 1992 – Low-Peak Class CC fuses • 2000 – Finger-safe CUBEFuse with Class J technology • 2008 – Compact circuit protectors • 2013 – SurgePOD surge protective devices • 2014 – Power distribution fuse blocks Today, Bussmann products continue to provide innovative fusible circuit protection and electrical safety solutions. Bussmann solutions help protect equipment and enable reliable, effi cient power distribution. And now that Bussmann products are part of Eaton, the industry’s top innovators of fuse technology and circuit breakers have united to provide ultimate leadership in circuit protection. “The legacy of developing innovative products challenges us to drive forward and create the next innovation,” explained Isabel Rochow, vice president of marketing and engineering at Eaton’s Bussmann business. “Our team of talented industry experts continues to fi nd solutions that reduce space, increase effi ciencies, and drive down costs.” To view the history of Bussmann products, visit For more information on Bussmann, visit Contact | 855-287-7626 | input #34 at


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