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ADVER TISEMENT Filters Running Five Years at ASHRAE Headquarters In an extensive building renovation of their Atlanta headquarters in 2008, ASHRAE decided to create a “Living Lab” for ongoing HVACR research. Over 1,300 points are monitored on systems and spaces within the 34,000 square foot two-story building which contains a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) for first and second floor ventilation, a VRF system with heat recovery for first floor heating and cooling, and ground source heat pump systems for second floor heating and cooling. Indoor Air Quality In addition to the DOAS unit, Dynamic V8 filter mod-ules are installed on all VRF fan coil units and GSHPs. The building staff has been pleasantly surprised that the original filter media, except for the media servicing the building’s vestibule entrance, is still in place after five (5) years of operation. Right: Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System A DOAS provides 6,000 cfm outdoor air, providing40 tons of cooling and 250 MBH heating Occupant surveys show an increase in air quality satisfaction; from 26% in 2005 to 77% in 2010 and 70% in 2013. Cleanliness and maintenance satisfaction have increased from 21% to 83% and 79% respectively. An air-monitoring system tracks temperature, relative humidity, enthalpy, carbon dioxide, total volatile organic compounds, and particulates in 24 room locations, two outdoor air locations and seven locations in the DOAS unit. As of February 2014, differential pressures across all filters are still low. And VOC sensors do not indicate a need to change out the media due to any microbiological growth on the media. For further details, check out the April 2014 issue of the ASHRAE JOURNAL “Lessons Learned From ASHRAE HQ Renovation” , by Michael R. Vaughn, P.E., Member ASHRAE Ventilation The DOAS provides 6,000 cfm outdoor air providing 40 tons of cooling and 250 MBH heating. Integral to the DOAS is a Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System with active-field technol-ogy to polarize both filter media fibers and airborne particles. The polarized particles are drawn to the fibers of the media and other particles. The process brings about a deep cleaning of the air with MERV 15 filter performance, and a long service life by loading the filter through its full depth and not just on the upstream face as with passive filters. | 800-578-7873 | input #33 at

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