Consulting Specifying Engineer June 2014-CSE : Page 62

ADVER TISEMENT Innovative Aura Q-Pump Inverter+™ from Desert Aire makes Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) 42% more energy efficient Advanced design features enable the unit to optimize a building’s heating and cooling systems and achieve the highest Moisture Removal Efficiency (MRE) and Coefficiency of Performance (COP) in the industry. These features include: • Variable speed-driven compressor modulates power consumption and output, drawing power in direct linear correlation to output. Dedicated outdoor air systems help maintain a more comfortable, healthier environment in buildings that are required to bring in outside air. But, while such systems deliver the necessary air properly dehumidified in summer and appropriately warmed in the winter, they consume significant energy. • Patent pending refrigerant circuit design allows the unit to seamlessly change the direction of refrigerant through its heat exchangers, maintaining the highest energy efficiency in both winter and summer modes. • Electronic expansion valves allow greater control of the refrigeration circuit than is possible with mechanical expansion valves, thereby ensuring the best performance and operation at all outside air temperatures. • Patent pending precision control valve and algorithm • Liquid-suction heat exchanger improves the quality heat transfer in the evaporator increasing the dehumidification capacity. • Non-fouling coaxial heat exchangers transfer heat more consistently and effectively over time. • Easily serviced electrical components make maintenance a breeze. Built to perform year after year More than 35 years of dehumidification experience Not any longer. Desert Aire’s new Q-Pump Inverter+ ™ delivers substantial energy savings over digital modulating scroll units when installed on geothermal, hybrid, or tower/boiler loop systems. It is able to maintain this high energy efficiency no matter what the climate or temperature – hot and dry, cold and humid, and everything in between. And it’s also significantly quieter. The next generation Q-Pump Inverter+™ dehumidifiers provide superior dehumidification technology wherever DOAS are needed – from indoor educational facilities, to assisted living campuses and office buildings, supermarkets, and more. As a leader in the industry for more than 35 years, Desert Aire is committed to solving indoor air quality problems so that people can live, work and play in clean, healthy and dry environments. input #32 at sales Tel: 262-946-7400

Desert Aire

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