Consulting Specifying Engineer June 2014-CSE : Page 61

ADVER TISEMENT Tranquility® Vertical Stack (TSM) Series ClimateMaster’s Tranquility ® Vertical Stack (TSM) Series heat pump units, offer simple, cost-effective instal-lation combined with the industry’s highest energy performance in the vertical stack product category. Available in ¾-through 3-ton capacities, the units are engineered to provide energy-effi cient heating and cooling as part of either boiler/ cooling tower or geothermal heating and cooling systems. Designed for a variety of applications, the TSM Series streamlines installation as its risers, cabinet and chassis are available for shipment individually or in combination. This allows for the units’ delivery and installation to seamlessly coincide with the overall building’s construction schedule. Space-saving TSM Series units are installed virtually out of site behind drywall, which translates to a clean and visually appealing end result. “The next-generation TSM Series of heat pumps leapfrogs the industry to deliver the highest effi ciency and the latest technology,” said Raj Hiremath, marketing director at ClimateMaster. “Additionally, these new units feature the only communicating system on the market, providing advanced confi gu-ration and diagnostic capabilities, while also operating quietly and providing ultimate indoor comfort.” Featuring optional iGate ™ (DXM2) controls, TSM Series units offer 4-wire connections with an ATC thermostat. iGate ™ controls additionally facilitate confi guration, diagnostics and monitoring in Plain English on an ATC thermostat or ACD diagnostic tool. The TSM Series’ chassis is comprised of high-strength galvanized steel cabinetry, with an electrical access panel, compressor enclosure, male NPSH water connection fi ttings, high-and low-voltage wire harnesses and a 1-in (25mm) fi lter. It is equipped with a standard CXM controller, loss-of-charge and high-pressure switches, a water coil low-temperature cutout, lockout safety circuit reset LED fault indication light, fi ve-minute anti-short cycle, random start, high-and low-voltage protection, condensate overfl ow protection and a 24VAC or dry contact for the alarm. The sealed and tested refrigerant circuit includes an expansion valve metering device, high-and low-side Schrader ports and interconnecting copper tubing through which environmentally friendly EarthPure ® HFC-410A refrigerant is circulated. A 4-way, pilot-operated reversing valve, tube-in-tube water-to-refrigerant coil, and optional high-density noise suppressant lining in the compressor compartment complete the chassis design, which is compatible in WLHP, GWHP and GLHP applications. An outer galvanized steel cabinet with powder coat-fi nished drain pain features electrical and blower access panels and foil-faced fi ber-glass insulation. Field-selectable supply air openings allow for maximum installation fl exibility on the jobsite, and a terminal block located inside the control box facilitates simplifi ed fi eld wiring connections. TSM Series units include a multiple-speed, permanently lubricated PSC direct-drive blower motor, full port shut-off valves with memory stop, stainless steel braided hose kits and an optional pre-programmed, variable speed high-effi ciency ECM motor for optimum CFM. For more information, visit input #31 at


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