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ADVER TISEMENT Bradley Corporation drives commercial plumbing innovation Bradley Corporation, headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wis., designs and manufactures emergency fi xtures, commercial plumbing fi xtures, tankless water heating systems, washroom accessories, partitions, and solid plastic lockers. For more than 90 years, Bradley has developed innovative commercial plumbing products and technologies that help engineers, specifi ers and facility owners meet their building goals. Expanding line of safety xtures Bradley manufactures a full line of innovative emergency eye/face washes and drench showers, including Halo ™ Eye/Face Wash, SpinTec ™ drench shower, and the Enclosed Safety Shower. These products incorporate superior new generation technologies that provide customers the greatest washdown available in emergency situations. One of Bradley’s latest safety fi xture innovations is its line of Keltech Tankless Tempering Systems, which deliver instantaneous ANSI-required tepid water to emergency safety showers and eye/face washes. Drawing energy only when needed, these tankless water heaters are designed to be highly effi cient and precise in supplying tepid water at a second’s notice – even in the most extreme and challenging work environments. Halo™ Eye/Face Wash Keltech Design on Demand provides customized solutions The most recent example of Bradley’s hand washing innovation is the Advocate ™ AV-Series Lavatory System – the fi rst completely touch-less lavatory unit to provide a sink, soap and hand dryer. This sustainable “all-in-one”design simplifi es hand washing, minimizes washroom cleaning and maintenance, and maximizes a safer restroom environment. Users needn’t move from the station in search of soap, towels or a hand dryer. The Advocate’s revolutionary design ensures that water goes down the drain – not on the fl oor or down the walls. The Advocate also features a touchless 0.38 gpm faucet that reduces water usage by 24% and a high-effi ciency dual-sided hand dryer that cuts energy consumption in half. Advocating completely touchless all-in-one hand washing For unique application requirements reaching beyond traditional water heating methods, Keltech provides complete safety shower stations and solutions. Keltech’s engineering team can assist in system design, custom heating design, piping solutions and more. Whether the need is a complete safety shower station in one compact, portable package or multiple heaters installed in parallel, Keltech’s engineering experts will develop customized turn-key solutions. Advocate™ AV-Series Lavatory System For more information contact: Phil Jagelski, 262-532-6046 | input #30 at

Bradley Corporation

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