Consulting Specifying Engineer June 2014-CSE : Page 59

ADVER TISEMENT Don’t Get Burned By Sprinkler System Freeze Ups Property managers are too familiar with auxiliary drains that become eyesores due to improper maintenance and failures. Fallen signs, broken valves, water stained walls, and mismatched replacement valves. Poorly maintained auxiliary drains negatively impact building appearance and lowers occupants trust in the buildings infrastructure. With COLLECTANDRAIN , AGF Manufacturing addresses the common problems with dry system maintenance. COLLECTANDRAINs are available in 4 models and all meet or exceed NFPA 13/25 guidelines regarding construc-tion and drainage of auxiliary drains in dry sprinkler systems. The basic Model 5300A COLLECTANDRAIN provides easy identification and a consistent appearance. Its highly visible red barrel includes NFPA signage and operating instructions helps prevent forgotten drains and incorrect operation. Models 5100A/5200A feature an Anti-Trip Plate (ATP) designed to prevent simultaneous opening of the upper and lower valves preventing accidental/malicious tripping of the dry valve. The ATP meets NFPA signage requirements features a durable red powdercoat finish with operating instructions and can be ordered with a Locking Kit. The Model 5100A includes a water sensor to create an auxiliary drain that provides visual and audible notification for servicing; the alarm can be battery or low voltage powdered. But the COLLECTANDRAIN generating the most excitement is the Model 5400A. This recent addition to the product line provides a temperature-controlled environment to prevent costly system failures due to freezing. The easily mounted, lockable steel enclosure is finished in highly visible red powdercoat with signage. Inside the insulated heated cabinet is a traditionally configured auxiliary drain with a float switch to monitor condensation accumulation. When condensation fills the drum drip the Model 5400A activates an audible alarm and red LED light and can notify the Fire Control Panel. The externally mounted Thermometer monitors internal temperatures and the integral thermostat operates the heater only when needed, reducing energy use while maintaining temperatures safely above freezing. By using COLLECTANDRAIN maintaining systems by monitoring and emptying accumulated moisture becomes a simpler process that can be accomplished by existing staff with proper training. | | 610-240-4900 input #29 at

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