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ADVER TISEMENT Mangan Software Solutions -Providing Solutions with ‘Engineered’ Software Products Mangan Software Solutions (MSS) was founded by its parent company Mangan, Inc. after the culmination of twenty-five years of experience executing projects in the oil and gas market sector. As a control system Integrator operating primarily in the Midstream and Downstream environs, Mangan had witnessed firsthand how many of even their most sophisticated customers struggled with the development of standardized workflows, specifically when dealing with regulatory driven projects. Mangan, Inc. gives their products a differentiator in that Mangan, Inc.’s industry knowledge is fused with the software development process. Currently, MSS has two products on the market with several new releases scheduled in 2014/2015. ProSys SLM is a SQL based software system designed to facilitate Safety Lifecycle Management. This suite of software modules provides automated and standardized workflows coupled with a unified data repository to achieve best practices and satisfy regulatory requirements. The second is SPInspector, a software empowerment tool designed to maximize the ROI of customers SmartPlant Instrumentation investment. SPInspector provides owner/ operators a full real-time assessment of the SPI database, enabling complete data accuracy while improving production by identifying problems prior to merge. Being in the business of providing innovative solutions in process control and safety instrumented systems, Mangan’s team had for many years used ‘in-house’ software products that it developed in order to provide value added solutions to their clients needs. These tools were used by both Mangan, Inc. project teams, and the client end users. Significant cost savings and greater efficiency in project execution were net results in this process. Advances in cyber security and the growing requirements imposed by corporate IT groups suggested that a more formal approach was necessary. MSS is committed to creating software products that are in step with the everyday challenges that folks in process industries are faced with. In addition, MSS creates software products that will fulfill pertinent regulatory requirements while also providing end users with the confidence that their facilities are operating at the highest levels of compliance. MSS’s affiliation with | (281) 484-0099 | input #51 at

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