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ADVER TISEMENT Kepware Receives ird-Party Validation for EFM Data Collection Solution EFM Data Collection Collecting Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) data from fl ow computers— which are often found in remote locations with limited communications and power—is both critical and sensitive. Inaccurate fl ow measurement, collection, or analysis could result in millions of dollars of lost revenue. Therefore, it’s vital that the solution that acquires and manages this EFM data be reliable, robust, and easy to confi gure and troubleshoot. Adding EFM data collection capabilities to KEPServerEXwas a natural progression for Kepware. The server was already being used in critical pipeline applications and to control and monitor equipment in the fi eld. Soon enough, Kepware’s existing customer base requested the additional functionality of collecting EFM records and formatting the data for importation into fl ow analysis and accounting software solutions (like Flow-Cal and PGAS). The independent laboratory institution that conducted the testing maintains a policy to remain anonymous and non-biased in publications; however, the complete report of their fi ndings is available from Kepware upon request. During testing, KEPServerEX was confi gured to collect EFM data once per hour from fl ow computers on the laboratory’s test bench. ABB Totalfl ow, Fisher ROC and ROC+, and a SCADAPack using Enron Modbus for API21.1 audit fi le collection were included. Output fi les were exported and analyzed after data collection. The results proved that Kepware’s EFM solution is suitable for both the collection of EFM data from fl ow computers and for the delivery of that data to offi ce measurement accounting systems. The report also notes, “The Kepware product is a user-friendly package that can be loaded and confi gured with minimal effort by persons familiar with gas fl ow computers and SCADA system topology. The general conclusion is that the product functions as expected.” ird-Party Validation About Kepware Kepware Technologies is a private software development company headquartered in Portland, Maine. Kepware provides a portfolio of software solutions to help businesses connect diverse automa-tion devices and software applications. Established in 1995 and now distributed in more than 100 countries, Kepware’s software solutions help thousands of businesses improve operations and decision making. +1 207-775-1660 | input #50 at

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