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ADVER TISEMENT Honeywell Process Solutions changes the way we think about transmitters Just when we thought all automation innovations were happening only in the control room, Honeywell takes a fresh look at the bedrock of automation, the fi eld instruments. After countless hours listening to and watching technicians and instrumentation engineers struggle through daily tasks, waste time and miss out on opportunities to optimize the process, Honeywell has innovated once again. removing power and without violating approval agency guidelines. SmartLine modules are also designed to be easily removed and reinstalled with connection schemes which provide good registration and tactile feedback. As a result, companies can lower their inventory costs, make their employees more effi cient and even increase safety, which is what we all want. Field Modularity to the Rescue Modularity allows you to stock only the parts you need, not combinations of complete units. While many components can be considered modular, they are still diffi cult to remove or need to be managed in the store room, adding multiple trips to and from the fi eld. Honeywell’s SmartLine transmitters offer a level of modularity which makes it easy to make fi eld replacements. The modules are robust; they may be removed under power and in most all electrical and safety environments except explosion proof where opening the fi eld enclosure is not permitted. This means even intrinsically safe SmartLine devices can be repaired in the fi eld without Talk to Me The HART 7 protocol provides the ability for handheld devices and hosts to send 32 character messages to fi eld devices. These messages reside in the device memory and are available for reading by handheld and other host type devices supporting this HART 7 feature. Working within the HART 7 protocol guidelines, Honeywell takes this technology one step further. In addition to supporting the message in the device memory, SmartLine transmitters post these messages on the transmitter’s advanced graphics display. This allows the message to be read at the device without the need for a HART hand held or other host device providing time savings and employee effi ciency. For more information, visit input #49 at

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