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ADVER TISEMENT System 800xA enhances security and drives Windows XP upgrades “System 800xA’s collaboration platform and its built in functionality allow you to tackle money saving initiatives and implement productivity enhancing solutions for a fraction of the cost of adding third party software and hardware. In addition to alarm management, advanced control, video systems, safety and electrical integration System 800xA v6 adds:” • Wireless routers for mobile operator clients, maintenance workplaces and even controllers • New information management platform with secure access for data mining and analysis • Operator effectiveness improvements such as trend and alarm list enhancements and an embedded public address system • Collaboration table providing a 3D view of plant KPIs System 800xA Extended Automation System 800xA is known for delivering productivity through consolidating process, electrical, safety, and telecoms in one system and providing the ultimate high performance operator control room environment featuring the Extended Operator Workplace. This sixth generation release, commonly called 800xA v6, is not only for new projects but has been specially developed to support upgrades of older DCS systems running on unsupported operating systems such as Microsoft XP. 800xA v6 provides customers with a more secure automation environment that lowers the total cost of ownership, while providing countless opportunities to improve productivity. Reaching New Heights of Collaboration “The most exciting part about upgrading is seeing what you can do with System 800xA v6” says Tobias Becker, Business Unit Manager for Control Technologies. Tobias Becker System 800xA Version 6 – Collaboration Table The launch of System 800xA Version 6 marks the next level of ABB’s innovative quest to create a collaborative process automation environment that allows for the sharing of data without boundaries to generate productivity, efficiency and safety improve-ments. With approximately 10,000 800xA systems installed, ABB will celebrate 10 years of innovation and the release of Version 6 with the World Control Tour during the Spring / Summer of 2014. input #39 at Time to Celebrate! Contact sales @ | 800 435 7363 |

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