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ADVER TISEMENT SAMBA™ -A New Market Category The very fi rst All-In-One Controller—HMI+ PLC + onboard I/Os—was released by Unitronics nearly 25 years ago. An early pioneer of this market, Unitronics is a global trendsetter in developing and manufacturing All-In-One Controllers with a price/performance profi le that boosts competitive advantage. Unitronics brings innovations to market by closely monitoring industry channels in packaging, HVAC, food, dairy, chemical, wastewater, boiler industries, plastic extruders and more, then using this data to develop a broad range of PLCs to answer the exact needs of emerging market trends. The recent release of the palm-sized SAMBA ™ All-In-One controller is an example. SAMBA ™ specifi cally targets tightly-budgeted applications that require a Colour-Touch HMI screen, full-function PLC, and I/O in a single, low-cost unit. Programmed and confi gured via free Visilogic ™ software, and communicating via industrial protocols such as TCP/IP, CANopen, and MODBUS, SAMBA ™ is an optimal solution for machines with low I/O requirements. SAMBA ™ is priced to enable OEMs to avoid using outdated text displays and smart relay combinations. Instead, OEMs can present clients with an elegant colour-touch screen and PLC, while saving money on time-intensive confi guration, programming, and physical wiring. UniStream ™ , category winner in Control Engineering 2014 USA Engineers’ Choice Awards, is another ground-breaking control platform launched by Unitronics. A completely modular system, UniStream ™ offers a variety of high-quality HMI touch panels, I/O modules, and powerful dual CPUs that snap together into a compact, all-in-one controller. Remote I/Os enable up to 2048 I/O. Embedded ‘UniApps ™ ’ allow data access, troubleshooting, debugging, and VNC Remote Access. The user codes Ladder, designs beautiful HMI screens, confi gures Hardware & Communications with UniLogic ™ , software so intuitive it cuts development time in half. Unitronics innovations include continuing development of fl agship products, such as the palm-sized Vision350-S ™ that withstands extreme temperatures ranging from -30°C to 60°C. Customer Retention With Unitronics, there are no hidden costs. Software and technical support are always free. Nataly Turgeman, Unitronics global marketing manager: “Our customers stay with us—because of our high level of customer service, and because we re-invest most profi ts into R&D to produce products that match their requirements.” | Tel: 866-666-6033 | input #59 at

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